Friday, October 07, 2005

I Breathe Rusty Air Logic...It Becomes The Lung

A couple of weeks ago, I made a very sound investment. I bought a waffle with the likeness of Jesus burnt onto it. If you're looking for a relatively painless way to become rich, I highly recommend bidding on some of the Jesus food items that can be purchased on E-Bay. However, don't make the same mistake that I did---prevent disaster in your own life by heeding this cautionary tale...Earlier today, my friend and I smoked a gigantic shrub together. Motivated by an overwheming case of the munchies, she ate my sacred Aunt Jemima when I wasn't looking. I've been totally fuckin' bummed out all day as a result of this relatively significant loss in my life... The worst part is, I had some Pop Tarts with sprinkles, and would have shared.

The moral of this story is: DON'T GET HIGH WITH YOUR DUMBASS FRIENDS. Getting high by yourself may make you a lonely, loser weedaholic, but at least you'll have your Jesus toast for comfort food. I hope my friend feels damned guilty right now about having swallowed our Lord in one effortless gulp...

Potentially more shaken up on a spiritual level are the handful of Mormons who recently purchased the Latter-day Saints production, Sons of Provo. In a few cases, the Mormon-themed DVD was switched with a film about a gay porn star. Makes you wonder how many of these people watched this movie 'til the bitter end, just waiting to see when Jesus was gonna happen. Find out the whole story here:,1249,615155174,00.html.

Ear Fuzz posted a couple of my favorite Aesop Rock joints, both of which appeared on the Euphony compilation. "Water" is one of the tracks, and the other is "Sinister", featuring Vast Aire and Yeshua DapoED: The title of today's post comes from Vast's clever rhyming on the track. If I may say so, that brotha is straight poetic on the mic. "My poetry's precision is the sole definition of latitude"...

In contrast, Busta Rhymes' new track "Touch It" manages to score fairly low on the scale of lyrical brilliance. His rhymes on the cut are fairly weak, and the overall tone of the track is too much like his previous material to be considered particularly original or creative. That said, I'd go download the damn thing anyway. The music is pretty infectious, and Busta seems more like himself this time around than he has on any of his other recent efforts. You can cop this track at either Checkerboard Chimes ( or Lemon-Red

Freemotion is back from a brief hiatus with several mpfrees. Some of the tracks featured are "Red Hot" by Jurassic 5 and the Dap-Kings, Pharrell Williams' "Maybe" remix, and a cover of "Summer Breeze" by Jackie Mittoo. Link for Freemotion is to your right.

At MP3 4U, you can download "Yo Yo Yo" by Medina Green and Mos Def: . The song is actually quite a bit better than its monotonous title suggests.

From the Polo Fleece to the Jesus Piece is featuring three solid tracks from the upcoming Slum Village album:

Check out The Smoking Section for lots of free songs, as well as several full albums available for download:

Before I go, I'd like to apologize for the fact that it's damn near impossible for most of you to leave a comment on this blog. The comment spam I was getting was totally ridiculous. As I've said before, my readership doesn't usually seem to have a whole lot to say, but I still feel badly that you can't cuss me out if you so desire. I'll try to make that option available again soon, but for now you're just gonna have to bite your tongue, or insult me via e-mail...


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