Monday, September 11, 2006

You Used To Be A Good Friend of Mine

Don't believe for a second that our relationship is suddenly meaningless. Souled On readers are at least as important to me as my extended family. In fact, I prefer you over my Uncle Shafty and Aunt Peaches just about any day of the week---especially when they've had too much crack and Colt 45 for their own good. The reason why I haven't posted any linkage lately is because matters in my "real life" have been pretty damn H.E.A.V.Y., which has spun my ratio of spare time completely out of balance. Additionally, my computer monitor has somehow ended up at an address that's at least 420 miles from where I actually live.

Anyway, don't quit me, baby. I swear that I still have nothin' but love for ya...

Several of you have sent feedback via comments and e-mail, letting me know how you feel about the music I've been posting lately, and what you'd like to hear in the future. Gratitude. QD Girl is apparently quite a little Souled On fanatic, and in this case, her flattery has gotten her everywhere. She requested three original songs sampled in a few of her favorite hip-hop joints. What follows are her selections, as well as a couple of others that I randomly threw in for good measure:

"Troubles, Heartaches, & Sadness"---Ann Peebles
Sampled in "Shadowboxin'"---GZA w/ Method Man and "Throw Your Flag Up"---RZA

"Coffee Cold" ---Galt MacDermot
Sampled in "Werdz from the Ghetto Child"---Gang Starr, "The Truth"---Handsome Boy Modeling School, "Coffee Cold"---Oh No

"I'm Going Down" ---Rose Royce
Sampled in "Oh Boy"---Cam'ron w/ Juelz Santana and "I'm Goin' Down"---Mary J Blige

"Drowning in the Sea of Love" ---Joe Simon
"Sea of Bud"---MC Breed, "Drama"---Da Beatminerz w/ Shadez of Brooklyn, "You Know My Steez"---Gang Starr

"Walk Right Up to the Sun" ---The Delfonics
"If I Ruled the World"---Nas

These are all excellent songs, so you know what to do...

I hereby pledge to post again within a day or two. If my new monitor is still floating around on the mothership somewhere, I'll front you some more tunes from my personal stash.

See you bitches on the flip side of the Victrola...


Anonymous said...

Hey ... great blog. Since the topic of this post is requests (somewhat)do you have any Margie Joseph in your collection? I have been searching all over for "Hear The Words" and "Words Are IMpossible". Cannot understand why these outstanding tracks seem to be out of print (or whtever u say in the digital age). Hope you get your S**t together equipment wise.

Anonymous said...


sweet sweet music!

i especially like the joe simon (never heard of him before), delphonics, and peebles- but it's all really good.

would you quit harrassing yourself about this site? i can't keep up with it!

I'm getting a sense that your love of the green stuff is just self-medicating the anxiety, so without it you'd either be a force to reckon with, or a whimpering pile.

don't know if you are a jon stewart, steven colbert fan like me, but you might find this funny if not pathetic, it's reverend phelps of the "go hates fags" fame


Scholar said...

Daniel---to be honest, I wish I had more Margie Joseph in my collection than I actually do. I've got a few songs---"Let's Stay Together". "Come Lay Some Lovin' On Me", and "It's Growing". I have at least a few others buried in my music collection, but those are the tracks I have on my PC. You can e-mail me if you want any of them, and I'll send the song file(s) back to you.

Firpo---I have no idea what I'd be like minus the green, as I vaguely recall learning to roll blunts in the womb. Since I've been wearing my polyester drawers up to my chin, I can honestly say that even my pants are high as hell these days.

Anonymous said...

hola negri como tai
no entiendo niuna wea pero igual


Jzzy said...

Great post as i see here al the time!
keep it comming!

ps. maby you could post this track from curtis called:
she don't let nobody

thanks anyhow.! J.

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