Monday, September 18, 2006

Thanks To Rap I Ain't Got A Dime

A few posts ago I was salivating over that new Mercedes SL, but I don't know...these here are some serious wheels. I actually came across this image quite by accident---I was searching for a photo of DJ Hi-Tek, and this is what I googled (can't believe I'm using that word as a verb, but so be it). At any rate, if you haven't heard Hi-Tek's joint "Where It Started (New York)" (w/ Jadakiss/ Talib Kweli/ Raekwon/ Papoose), I suggest you get to coppin'. The track will appear on the upcoming Hi-Teknology 2, and is currently available by way of Beauty N The Beat.

A couple of soul gems have recently been posted by Rob at Brown Eyed Handsome Man. Pay him a visit to download "Just Keep On Loving Me" by Carla Thomas and Johnnie Taylor and "It's Too Late" by Eddie Floyd and Cleotha Staples.

This is wack---video footage from 1974 of Geraldo Rivera smoking weed and attempting to describe the experience. For me, this is much more useful as anti-drug propaganda than "just say no" could ever hope to be.

Fans of rapper Lupe Fiasco should check out "The Emperor's Soundtrack" at Checkerboard Chimes and two mixtape joints ("Jedi Mind Tricks" and "Lupe the Killer") at 33 Jones.

Speaking of Jedi Mind Tricks, I have to concur with Big R's sentiments---most of their more recent material has been somewhat disappointing for those of us who gave them respect on the strength of Violent By Design. However, if "Uncommon Valor" (w/ R.A. the Rugged Man) is any indication, Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell may just prove to be their saving grace. Cop the track via

Finally, scientific proof confirming something I've known for the longest time---spinach kills. If only I'd had this piece of evidence when I was a kid, I might have actually made it to dessert more often...

Download Al Green's "Simply Beautiful" courtesy of Dilated Choonz.

My friend JT at Feed Me Good Tunes has posted some stellar song selections in the past few days. One post features songs by artists such as the JBs, Cymande, O' Donel Levy, and The Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band. The other consists of tracks by Pete Rock & CL Smooth, Jay Dee, Madvillain, Peanut Butter Wolf, and Pete Philly & Perquisite.

In the category of "what the fuck?", George W Bush describes the hardest part of his job.

Another great tune by O.V. Wright ("Everybody Knows") is available at Moistworks. Sam Cooke's "Lost and Looking" and Lightning Rod's "Four Bitches Is What I Got" are also available within the same post.

As my faithful readers know, I have a somewhat healthy obsession with album cover art. If you can relate, check out's a pretty useful search engine when trying to locate specific DVD and CD covers.

Cop 9th Wonder's remix of Mr. Lif's "Brothaz" by way of So Much Silence. The original version is also available if you somehow slept.

Finally, Boogs posted a couple of excellent original songs, and put his readers to the test by inquiring who sampled them. Visit The Sole Life to download Michael Henderson's "Let Me Love You" and "Bubble Gum" by 9th Creation, and see if you're up to the challenge.

I spent a ridiculous amount of money on music on my latest road trip, but don't worry---I'm more than happy to share the wealth. After all, my man Jesus highly recommends generosity...


Anonymous said...

hey s

i told you that i can't keep up with you.

i finally listened to the lo.v. wright- which is awsome!

i suppose you saw that our good friend nancy graves has finally killed someone- i imagine she is thanking your friends JC for the missing baby story (after all, i think that kids is at least white, if not a blonde...)


Scholar said...

Firpo---Nancy requires a healthy dose of human tragedy to justify her existence. This, in addition to her underlying racist value system, has colossally fucked up her hair.

Jim Hendry said...

Man, I want to fight Geraldo. He can't even smoke properly. Ass.

I dig that 9th Wonder remix too. Don't think I've heard a bad 9th Wonder track yet.

Rob Whatman said...

Thanks for the link, Scholar! I checked up on my blog and found near 200 hits this week than usual, which usually means you are doing your excellent work! Hope everybody enjoyed it!

Rob Whatman

Scholar said...

Rob---Those song selections were exceptional. Much gratitude for posting them. Hopefully some of the people who came to d/l those tracks will become regular visitors to your site.

Craig Chilvers said...

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