Sunday, September 24, 2006

Man I Gotta Get My Soul Right

Some good music for my peoples...

"Your Time To Cry"---Joe Simon
When I posted "Drowning in the Sea of Love" recently, it was partly because I couldn't locate my copy of this track at the time. In so many ways, this song captures and epitomizes what I love about soul music. Just about anyone can relate to this, and Simon's vocal performance is near perfection.

"I Got To Love Somebody's Baby"---Judy Clay
I'm hoping that at least some of you are familiar with the legacy of Ms. Clay, but if not, you know what to do. This song is a bit chilling in its brutal honesty and raw emotion, but good music has been known to cause some discomfort at times.

"Lucifer (J-Rell mix)"---Jay-Z
Apparently Jigga Man is fixin' to put an "S" on his chest and save mainstream rap from complete and utter commercial failure in 2006. In preparation for this historical event (did I just say that?), I thought that I might post one of my favorite Black Album remixes. Perhaps because everyone and their Chihuahua made an attempt to reform Hov's retirement record, the majority of these mixes failed to rise above wastebasket material. This one, however, proved to be one of the few exceptions to the rule.

"LAX to JFK"---Madlib
As the faithful already know, Otis Jackson, Jr. is one of my musical heroes. This track isn't wildly obscure or anything, but it's a good record that some of his fans may not have had an opportunity to hear. As far as I know, this joint was only released on a 12" EP and as one of the selections on Peanut Butter Wolf's Fusion Beats CD. If anyone has any additional information about this track, feel free to drop some knowledge.

Enjoy, and stay tuned for some linkage in the very near future...


fresh said...

In all of the remixed Black Albums I've heard, Lucifer was usually the track that suffered the most. I thought the Max Romeo sample ("Lucifer, son of the mourning...") was the best part of the song, and every remix seemed to drop that.

I still think the Grey Album version of Lucifer is the best of the remixes, just because its so different from everything else, but this J-Rell version is dope too.

Scholar said...

Fresh---I agree with you about "Lucifer", and for me, the chorus parts in "What More Can I Say?" and "Change Clothes" didn't blend well in most of the mixes that I heard. I considered upping a Danger Mouse joint, but I'm guessing that most people have already heard those. No question, though---The Grey Album definitely stood out for its excellence.

One of the weirder ones I heard was DJ Halfred's mix with Metallica, and another cat that blended the album w/ Pavement songs.

R said...

Indeed the album version of Lucifer was a hard one to top. At least J Rell's approach is different. The Phyllis Hyman sample is a solid choice.

Scholar said...

R---For obvious reasons, I had a heart for the DJs and producers who laced soul samples into their remixes. One of my favorites was Marvin Jay---Jigga blended w/ Marvin Gaye tracks. The sample used in J-Rell's mix is actually by The Stylistics, but you're right---Phyllis did an excellent rendition of the song as well.

Thanks for the feedback :)

JT said...

The more Joe Simon, the better.


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