Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Through The Mirror Of My Mind

Upon doing a Google image search for photographs of Diana Ross, I came to realize that, at some point, my girl began looking more like a drag queen than an actual woman. I've developed a complex, multi-faceted theory about this slowly evolving process, but ultimately, I blame Michael Jackson. He must have used the powers of his Jesus Juice to convince her that gender confusion can be utilized as an effective remedy for declining popularity/record sales. Michael has seriously fallen off since becoming a white girl, but I'm thinkin' that Diana just couldn't foresee...

Anyway, don't get all pissed off or anything---I love Diana, too (so much so that I chose not to post any of the aforementioned incriminating photos). I have some Supremes records that should charge me with assault and battery, 'cuz I scratched the crazy shit out of those bitches. One of my favorites has always been the song "Reflections", which just so happens to be available for download at Silence Is A Rhythm, Too:
http://siart.blogspot.com/2006/02/funky-fridays-mixed-bag-i-have-no-time.html. It's my sincere belief that this song should already be in your collection, but just in case we got some peoples from the short bus along for the ride...

Download Nas and Jay-Z's "Twin Towers" at 1-800-Sassbuket.com:

Treat Williams recently quit fuckin' off long enough to update with some mp3s by Showbiz & AG, Audio Two, The Alliance, and Three Times Dope. Even though the Super Bowl is (finally) over, his lunatic stream-of-consciousness ramblings posted while watching the game are a must-read for...just about anyone. Hilarious and weird...Linkage on the right.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, anyone try making a fruit helmet for their dog or cat? I didn't, but it's never too early to start making preparations for next season. Check this bizarre how-to guide: http://cityrag.blogs.com/main/2006/02/halftime_crafts.html.

WFMU's Beware of the Blog recently posted a Batman and Robin LP that you can download in mp3 format. The music was performed by members of Sun Ra's Arkestra and Al Kooper's Blues Project, making this truly classic material---don't sleep:

Amusing footage of Sly Stone being interviewed by Dick Cavett. Dude was high as hell, son: http://www.devilducky.com/media/40872/.

Download dope mixes by Cosmo Baker, DJ Eleven, and DJ Ayres at Lemon-Red: http://www.lemon-red.org/blog/.

The ODB Remembrance Mixtape is available for download at Wu-Tang Corp: http://www.wutangcorp.com/.

While we on tha Wu, you can cop two Ghostface Killah tracks at From The Polo Fleece To The Jesus Piece---"Face Off" (w/Scarface) and "My Guitar": http://jesuspiece.blogspot.com/.

A couple of Ice Cube joints from The Predator are available at Clockwork: http://yourmansandnem.blogspot.com/2006/02/guerillas-in-mist.html.

Remember when Dr. Dre remixed "Miss You" by The Rolling Stones? Download it here, because if nothing else, it serves as somewhat of an interesting topic for conversation:

Are you reading Palms Out Sounds and Notes From A Different Kitchen? If not, I feel sorry for you---they are both far superior to the shitty little blog that you're reading right now. (Am I humble or what?) Links for both are in the Sites I'm Souled On section.

My buzz is wearing off, so you know what that means. I'll get at ya soon, though...

(What's with all the weird slanguage I've been using today ???)

Too many trees, too little imagination, I guess...

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