Sunday, February 12, 2006

Face The Furious Meltdown

On several different occasions during the past week or so, I've encountered articles and/or news stories about George Bush's declining approval rating:(

All I can say ---it's about fuckin' time...Political commentators are seemingly amazed that only 40% of Americans are still in Dubya's corner, while I'm wondering how he manages to maintain that much of a stronghold over the sheeple in this country...

More than anything, it perplexes my mental that 39% of us are still satisfied with the economy. How can that be? Where are they conducting these polls? In nursery schools? Mental institutions? Elitist country clubs? This part of the population must be unaware that we currently have the highest trade deficit in the history of our nation:

They must not realize the astronomical cost of the war on Iraq (based on oops!---faulty intelligence):

They must not comprehend how bleak our economic situation really is:

One could make the argument that some of the economic misfortune that has befallen this country is not Bush's fault. However, no one can deny that if we weren't spending an infinite assload of money on "the war on terror", fighting his imaginary "axis of evil", we'd be in a much better position to recover our financial losses in other areas. No matter which side of the debate you find yourself on, you still gotta admit---we're muthafuckin' broke, son...

"Ball of Confusion" by The Temptations made a poignant political statement in its day. Listening to it now, it's intriguing how history truly does repeat itself. Download the track at Best Foot Forward:

I'm sure that's enough preaching for quite a few of you, so on to less important things:

At ::work for it::, you can download "I'm Sorry Miss Jackson", a Jadakiss/Styles P diss aimed at 50 Cent. If you've been awake you know that I'm not all that hyped about beef, but sometimes the drama queens need love, too:

Several sites paid tribute to J Dilla by posting various selections in mp3 format. Here are links to a select few:

Broke B-Boys:


Nah Right:

Soul On Ice:

The most extensive collection I found was at Mental Combat---46 tracks available for download:

Cop "A Lil' Story" by Inspectah Deck (prod. by RZA) at STYLES.BY.THE.GRAM.

2 Minutes of Bliss 2 updates with classic joints by Booker T & the MGs, Eddie Jefferson, Rita Marley, and more:

Three tracks by the legendary Charles Brown at The Doors of the Kingdom:

Old school Mr. T video encouraging rugged, yet bejeweled, individuality:

I've reported Jesus sightings in the past. So in all spiritual fairness, I feel compelled to link this article about a fish that has the word Allah in Arabic on its side:

I'm really diggin' The Sole Life. Some of the artists recently featured include Kool G Rap, Large Professor, ATCQ, Common, and Black Star:

Some questions we just don't want truthful answers to---like, "does my ass look fat in these pants?". If you're thuggish enough to handle brutal honesty, you can send a photo of your posterior to be posted on this blog. Readers will give you the skinny on the amount of junk you're carting in that gigantic trunk of yours:

Okay---that shit should keep you suckas busy for a minute. Be easy...


Anonymous said...

good looks on the j dilla links

T Havas said...

I don't think there's money in the new budget for nursery schools and mental institutions.

Scholar said...

And what a shame that shit is...the babies and the crazies are the only ones who know what's really happenin'

Kev said...

thanks for the linkage again scholar, getting you on my blogroll is near the top of my to-do list!

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