Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Hearts Don't Mend...Brothers Turn Enemies

I had already decided before typing this post that I wasn't going to feature too much in the way of politics. I suffered through the State of the Union address last night, even though I went into the whole ordeal knowing that George Bush is an ass clown who would have nothing relevant or truthful to say. Ultimately, this is nothing but a waste of our precious time. I could easily convey the "State of the Union" in a few words or less---our shit is totally fucked up. End of story.

So today, I'm mostly about the music, except for a couple of extraneous items I wanted to include...

Top Ten Project Censored News Stories of 2005:

R.I.P. Coretta Scott King:

Now for the musical linkage:

Breath of Life is featuring joints by Lauryn Hill this week:

"Funky Dudley" by Dudley Perkins is currently available at Largehearted Boy (see Daily Downloads section on 1/31):

Reading Ear Fuzz is often an educational experience, so I check it pretty religiously. Recently, I was introduced to a group I'd never heard of---Black Merda. They evidently proclaimed themselves to be the first Black rock band. Don't know if that's entirely true or not, but either way, these songs are undoubtedly an interesting part of musical history:

Two classic joints by Sacred Hoop are available for download at The Rookie:

"Intergalactic Beatbox" by Mike Relm has been posted at MP3 4U:

You can download two songs by Dee Dee Warwick ("We're Doing Fine" and "I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do") at The Number One Songs In Heaven:

Freemotion is offering several mp3s through their latest post. Some of the artists featured are The Alkaholiks, Babbletron, Quasimoto, and Colossus. Link to tha right...

It may not be evident from reading this blog, but my musical taste extends well beyond the genres of hip-hop and soul. One of my very favorite artists is Tom Waits, who simply defies categorization. Check out this "idiot's guide" to his career, which includes a generous number of mp3s for free download:

Grandgood posted an excerpt from The Dead Emcee Scrolls by Saul Williams:

Check Soul Sides for a very nice post on "anti-love songs". Two of the featured tracks are from ?uestlove Presents Babies Making Babies: Misery Strikes Back...No More Babies. The other song is O-Dub's personal selection to represent this theme---"When Did You Stop Loving Me, When Did I Stop Loving You?" by Marvin Gaye. Hit it from the right...

The Visioneers did their own version of "Runnin" by the Pharcyde. Cop the mp3 at Best Foot Forward:

Lastly, beef. Apparently we can't all just get along. I thought about going on a rant about how ridiculous all of this, but Joey at Straight Bangin' expressed my general feelings on the subject---and rather eloquently. The link is to your damn right, but let me simplify this for you:

I think most beef is lightweight retarded---but because I'm such a deeply conflicted human being, I'll leave you with links to a couple of the hottest disses circulating around the internets:
"240 Bars" by The Game (versus Spider Loc):
and "Book Of Daniel", MF Grimm's attack on MF Doom:



Haldan said...

thanks for the love- had you ever even heard of that shawn j remix? plus- what happened to earfuzz? i love that site, where'd it go?

Scholar said...

Haldan--never knew of the Shawn J mix, but I've listened to it often since you posted it...good choice.

earfuzz is back again...