Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Souled On Samples Part VII

For this edition of Souled On Samples, I decided to put a slightly different spin on things. I love the way these original songs have been flipped by their borrowers, so I decided to include the hip-hop joints in this post as well.

My operating theory for today is this: “Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.” Enjoy...

"Ghost Of Myself"---Doris Duke

Sampled on: "Smart Went Crazy"---Atmosphere

"Let's Make A Record"----Sister Gertrude Morgan

Sampled on: "Let's Make A Record"---King Britt

"Stockyard"---Galt MacDermot

Sampled on: "Fo'eva Blunted"---Nine

"Back To You"---Jean Plum

Sampled on: "Street Corner"---Masta Killa

"Stormy"---The Meters

Sampled on: "Clear Blue Skies" ---Juggaknots

Word From Your Moms:

Mixmaster Mike shows you how to do that, son...in 43 seconds or less...


JT said...

Hey Scholar, been a while since I spoke around these parts. Loving the samples series, keep it going to Part 100 and beyond.

Look forward to hearing more from you, thanks for stopping by earlier, and I'm excited to hear what plans you might have up yr sleeve.

That King Britt/Sister G Morgan record is fucking excellent. Will probably sneak onto my year-end list.

Anonymous said...

Another great chapter in the best blog series ever. Keeep it up.

Dan Love said...

Diggedy dope once again.

Love that MMM clip from Scratch. Having toyed with a bit of scratching back in the day, the most impressive bit for me is when he stops the platter altogether, pushing it forwards and backwards and transforming at the same time: incredible stuff.

Take it steady boss,


whiteray said...

I learn something -- a lot of things -- every time I stop here. Thanks for posting the current work using the samples. It helps me learn more . . . and I mean that sincerely.

Thanks again.

Darcy said...

These posts are definitely an education, in many ways. I've tried, but hip-hop is not for me (there are exceptions always and I like the King Britt track). But it's interesting to see that the genre continues to plunder (or should that read pay homage to) the rich seams of black music's past. And I get my pleasure from the the 'old' originals, many of which are new to me. Never heard The Meters "Stormy" before - hey that's The Supremes track I thought, and then a quick bit of googling tells me that they were both covers of a Classics IV original.

And then there's Jean Plum, a great voice - a plum indeed. She's on my list, the search for her singles at an affordable price starts here.

Thanks for another great post.

Vincent said...

Yes, class is in session as always. I'll wear the dunce cap today since I'm not versed on these originals, save for the Meters. I really love the picture of the hi fi. I am currently running my stereo through an old hi fi that was given to me about ten years ago. The original chassis didn't work so I gutted it out hoping to put new components inside. Unfortunately that never materialised so I am just digging the quality of the original speakers in the meantime.

I swear I will be studying my lessons...

Peace and blessings.

Haldan said...

killing it!

Scholar said...

JT---I knew those Sister Gertrude/King Britt tracks wouldn't be palatable for everyone, but I have such expansive taste in music that I have to color outside of the lines sometimes. It made my day that you liked them so well.

I'm leaving town in a few days, but we're gonna get that plan together soon after I return.

Anon---thanks. Best blogger series ever is probably a stretch, but after the first one, the demand for more was pretty high. Gots to give the people what they want.

Dan---I thought of you specifically when I posted that MMM vid, because I remembered that you dug that Pete Rock clip a while back. See---it definitely pays to holler at Scholar now and again. Thanks for the regular feedback...you're part of my immediate family over here.

whiteray---You're very welcome. I appreciate your readership, and I plan to start regularly visiting your blog as well. Those summer song selections you posted are wonderful.

Darcy---The respect is more than mutual, but I think you may know that. I have found some amazing records at your site. I have complete admiration for your writing skills and music collection.

My hope with the sample series is to bring fans of soul, funk, jazz, and hip-hop to the same place. We tend to be a divided group in many ways, but hopefully this can be a common ground. Most of my friends who dig hip-hop haven't heard these original songs and wouldn't seek these classic records out on their own. My angle is quite different from a lot of soul purists---I believe hip-hop can be a great way to educate younger people about music that would otherwise fade into obscurity. Hopefully some people who listen to Masta Killa will now go forth and dig for some Jean Plum. A complex issue for sure, but this is a discussion that needs to start somewhere.

I appreciate your thoughts and opinions, so please continue to share them freely.

Vincent---Glad you're still getting an education over here. God knows I find all sorts of things on your site that I've never heard. I've been letting the music speak for itself a lot lately because I have some personal concerns that are affecting the amount of time I can spend on each post. I'll get back to providing more information about each artist soon, and thanks for the positive feedback in the meantime.

Haldan---When you stop by, it's just like hangin' with an old friend. Thanks, bro.

travis said...

Got to get my two cents in as well. I love this series, being someone who wasn't well educated in samples, stuff like this is a god send in my on going education about this stuff. You have pretty much been the reason for me getting into all this old stuff lately.

SoulBrutha #1-Dave Beasley (Proud Splinters Member since 95) said...

First time visitor. GREAT STUFF. Always loved that little Mix Master Mike clip. Can't wait to do some exploring here. I dropped you in my roll. All the best!
Peace and SOUL,


Anonymous said...

Great Posts!
By the way, the Meters` sample was also used by the Spanish rap group 'Violadores del Verso' on their second album 'Genios' (1999). The track is called 'A solas con un ritmo Kase.O'

Perttu said...

Thanks for the edutainment! Souled On rules.

Rich said...

that track stormy was also sampled by john legend. i heard it a few times and realized where i knew the beat from

pharmacy said...

Yes, I think the same because I love when people are so talented to create different interpretations of these songs, I loved this work I want to get more.