Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Souled On Samples Part II

My dog, or some other being I have absolutely no control over, has apparently eaten that "official" post I made reference to last time. It doesn't even matter that I don't have a dog...or a post---I'm sticking to that as my pathetic excuse.

However, to make up for my underachieving bloggery ways, I am bringing you the second installment of Souled On Samples. Damn the sophomore jinx and the fact that sequels almost always suck---I trust that you'll dig these anyway, soul children...

"I Like It"---The Emotions
(Sampled on "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" by ODB)

"Something"---Al Green
(Sampled on "Maybe One Day" by Brand Nubian/Common and "Married To Marijuana" by Noreaga)

"That Ain't the Way You Make Love"---ZZ Hill
(Sampled on "Fancy Clown" by Madvillain)

"The Edge"---David McCallum
(Sampled on "Dark Days" by DJ Shadow, "No Regrets" by Masta Ace, and "Next Episode" by Dr Dre)

"Be Real Black For Me"---Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway
(Sampled on Scarface's "On My Block")

"We'll Always Be Together"---Billy Stewart
(Sampled on "Be This Way" by Ghostface Killah)

"It's Too Late"---Otis Redding
(Sampled on "Gone" by Kanye West)

"Come On Down"---Greg Perry
(Sampled on "Look At Me Now" by Beanie Sigel)

"Eastern Market"---Yusef Lateef
(Sampled on "Who You Think I Am?" by MF Doom)

"Soul Travelin' Pt. 1"---Gary Byrd
(Sampled on "Halftime" by Nas and "Jazzie's Groove" by Soul II Soul)

"Keep The Faith"---Mel & Tim
(Sampled on "The Prelude" (from Kingdom Come) by Jay-Z)

"Shoo-B-Doop And Cop Him"---Betty Davis
(Sampled on "Once Upon A Time In The Projects" by Ice Cube and "Jersey, Yo!" by Redman)

"I'm Your Mechanical Man"---Jerry Butler
(Sampled on "Bring The Pain" by Method Man)

If you don't love me now, you probably never will...

Word From Your Moms:

"I've learned that my people are not the only ones oppressed...I have sung my songs all over the world and everywhere found that some common bond makes the people of all lands take to Negro songs as their own."---Paul Robeson


writer said...

props for this

floodwatch said...

I love these 'violating' posts, Scholar - keep up the great work.

vik said...


that zz hill track is FIRE.

damn. that's gonna be on replay for a while.

ill mutha F said...

thank you

all the tracks are amazing!

Love from South London
tha Ill MF

Zilla Rocca said...

That Billy Stewart joint is crazy! I can't hear anyone over this except Ghostface.

Adam said...

I think you've broken the sophomore curse with this one. I'd never heard the full "Be Real Black For Me," but the sample in "On My Block" has always been one of my favorite samples. Gotta love that beautiful piano line...

Lily Kane said...

Ooooh I LOVE the Mel & Tim track. What does Madlib actually DO anyway? well i guess he doesn't claim to be anything but a loop digger. lol. thanks Scholar.

Lily Kane said...

oh right, i forgot, Jay Z too...ugh...

in from the cold said...

scholar! yeah man skool dem heads. peep this my playlist right hurr. I kinda have the same samples idea. great minds :)


Scholar said...


Flood---Thanks for the props. It's true---I've worked very hard to earn praise for being lazy.

Vik---That ZZ Hill song IS pretty fucking amazing. I think it might have been Feed Me Good Tunes who put me on to this a while back. He's got some other great songs like "Chokin' Kind", but this one is probably my favorite. I have a much cleaner version than the one I posted---I actually upped the wrong mp3. If you want it, let me know.

Ill---Thanks for the love. 1

Zilla---Ghostface usually sounds dope over soul samples, but this was an especially good choice for him.

Read your interview at 33 Jones. Glad to see that heads are starting to recognize.

Adam---I actually had you in mind when I posted that---I remembered that Scarface joint being up on haha a little while back.

Lily---Yeah---digging up original songs can be a little demystifying at times.

IFTC---Great playlist. I actually considered throwing that same Meters track into the mix...weird.

honey cone said...

Old school is always dope.

Thx for your sharing.

Mad love from Taiwan.

vik said...

scholar - if you could email me that track or post it up, i'd be much obliged.

do you have anything else by zz? can you recommend an album of his to look up? i've been lookin around (record stores and the internets) and haven't found much....


jb said...

"be real black for me" is lovely. thanx.

Scholar said...

Honey Cone---Thanks for dropping a comment. Music is one of the few things that seems to keep the world unified. Peace.

JB---I just started reading she real cool a couple of weeks ago. Love it. Where the f have I been?