Friday, April 13, 2007

Souled On Samples Part I

I'm still working on my next "official" post, but I thought the time might pass more quickly if you could hear some great music during the intermission. All of these songs are original recordings that have been sampled on hip-hop joints. The selection is fairly eclectic in terms of genre, but they do share one thing in common---excellence. Appreciate...

"Tell Her"--- Fred Williams & The Jewels Band
(Sampled on "Listen" by Talib Kweli)

"On The Hill"---Oliver Sain
(Sampled on "Day One" by DITC, "Young G's" by Puff Daddy/Notorious B.I.G./Jay-Z, and "Take You There Interlude" by Pete Rock & CL Smooth)

"(You) Got What I Need"---Freddie Scott
(Sampled on "Save Me Dear" by Ghostface Killah, "Just A Friend" by Biz Markie, and "Mary Jane" by Tha Alkaholiks)

"Soul Vibrations"---Kool & The Gang
(Sampled on "Scenario" by A Tribe Called Quest and "Things Get A Little Easier" by Biz Markie)

"That's How Long"---The Chi-Lites
(Sampled on "December 4th" by Jay-Z)

"Rosie"---Bill Withers
(Sampled on "Roses" by Kanye West)

"I Know I've Been Wrong"---Mashmakhan
(Sampled on "Mr. Clean" by Viktor Vaughn (aka MF Doom)

"Get Off Your Ass And Jam"---Funkadelic
(Sampled on "Holla If You Hear Me" by 2Pac, "Rhythm" and "The Pressure" by ATCQ, "99 Problems" by Ice-T, "Make It Happen" by Ultramagnetic MC's, "Bring The Noise" by Public Enemy, "100 Miles And Runnin" by NWA, "King Of New York" and "Get Off Your Ass And Get Involved" by Schoolly D, and "Eazy-Duz-It"---Eazy-E)

"What Am I Waiting For"--- The O'Jays
(Sampled on "Ski Mask Way" by 50 Cent and "You Must Love Me" by Jay-Z)

Peace & Love, soul children...

Word From Your Moms:

"Only an inventor knows how to borrow, and every man is or should be an inventor."---Ralph Waldo Emerson


Father Feelgood said...

Whoa Scholar,

What a great thing you have done for us today!!! All I can say is dammnnn

travis said...

You know I love this shit, nice one! Be easy...

Vincent said...

Just goes to show that you'll never know where you're going till you know where you've BEEN! Great post!

Vincent said...

Speaking of where you've been, the Makashman joint was used by Black Sheep for "Gimme The Finger", but you already knew that, right? That's an LP that I really should listen to again, chock full of samples to try and decipher... and a fantastic LP to boot. Thanks again.

Scholar said...

Father Feelgood---Glad you liked the post. Have to admit though, the name's just a little bit creepy...

Travis---I actually thought about you when I posted this---I know how you much you love discovering original songs. Hopefully you picked up a few gems you hadn't heard yet.

Vincent---Thanks for the comments. It's always good to know whether people are enjoying what I post or not.

I'm also glad you dropped knowledge about Black Sheep. It's unfathomable to me that I can only think of how a few of their songs sound---something I should have listened to more than I did, I guess. I knew I was probably missing some sampling artists, so I was hoping that my readers would put their two cents in as well.

Be well.

Debs said...

You have a swoon worthy "mixed tape" started with...
You Got What I Need
That's How Long
What Am I Waiting For

Great arrangements....sweet

Thank you

vik said...

yo scholar,
some choice drops.

here's a cut i've been diggin' for the longest.

it's been around, but most recent;y pete rock flipped it for ghost's single BE EASY.

you just can't go wrong with the SYLVERS:
Sylvers - Stay Away From ME

vik said...

one more time:

SYLVERS - stay away from me

Adam said...

GREAT stuff, thanks!

soulpeeps said...

Thank you so much for posting Tell Her by Fred Williams and the Jewels. When I heard Talib Kweli's track, I kept racking my brain trying to remember what track Grace Jones sang the word "listen"!

Stop laughing, Scholar.

Celia said...

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lazy said...


Scholar said...

Debs---Glad you liked the mix. Part 2 is on the way...

Vik--Thanks for posting the Sylvers link---a lot of people are STILL sleeping on them. That's a great song, and producers seem to love it. "Only One Can Win" has been tapped a few times, too.

Adam--Mos def---Good to hear from you.

soulpeeps---That Fred Williams song is a personal favorite. Believe me, though---I can't laugh at you for the Grace Jones thing. There are songs that I've been singing the wrong lyrics to for 20's sort of the same phenomenon. Sometimes the ear is a faulty device I guess.

Lazy---Thanks for dropping a comment...especially if you're as unmotivated as your name suggests. Like the blog, too, by the way.

Perttu said...

Good post. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction in my quest for good soul music. I'll definitely be checking the blog again.

Lily Kane said...

thank you scholar =)

R said...

much appreciated.

Soul Head said...

You are the MAN yo!!!

Diana said...

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