Wednesday, August 23, 2006

In A Class By Myself

I have way more music than Jesus, so you can only imagine what I must go through on the rare occasions when I decide to post some sounds from my own collection. I usually start with the notion that the songs should be organized and/or catergorized in some particular way. Three blunts and 420 mp3s later, I'm sayin' "aw hell---fuck a theme". Here are the final results of that thought process today:

"Tramp" ---Otis Redding w/Carla Thomas
The repartee between these two legendary soul singers has always been priceless...and now I guess it'

"Fish in the Dish" ---Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings (for my loyal reader Firpo) This song is at least as entertaining as its title. I love songs about fishes and dishes, and hell knows they're difficult to come by. This mp3 is the full version, unlike those bullshit clips I posted the other day.

"This Is Our Day"---Rob Swift/ Dan the Automator
Great track from two undisputable masters of turntablism. All that scratchin' will definitely make you itch...but in a good way.

"Do What You Gotta Do"---Nina Simone
As many links as I've posted to other sites/blogs that have featured her material, I don't remember anyone posting this particular tune. It's both beautiful and disturbing, and shouldn't be slept on a moment longer.

"This Is What They Meant"---Pete Rock & Grand Agent
Turn the headphones up, y'all. Classic lyric: "I got Sam Cooke up in my rhyme book, bitch/and he ain't singin'..."

Let the music save us all...


Haldan said...

big up for putting on the dap kings scholar, my friend is in the band, they deserve all the success they get.

keep an eye out for a gigantic sample wednesday return late tonight with de la featured, wanted to give you the heads up. and keep putting up your favorite gems, share the wealth.

Scholar said...


You must realize how much of an SW fiend I am---thanks for hookin' me up with a fix.

Anonymous said...

so for some reason z share isn't friendly with macs or something.

still i got my brother to get Tramp, which is wonderful, but he's stalling out on the others.

I still wanted to thank you for fish in the dish, because it's only a matter of time before i will make it MINE!!!!! ALLL MINE!!!!!

sorry for the excessive exclamations points.


Scholar said...


If you can't get your hands on the slippery, elusive "Fish in the Dish", just say the word, and I'll send you the file via e-mail.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There, Now you don't have to feel badly about your own abuse of punctuation marks.

kevvy-k said...

hi scholar
great to see some of your own selections up... and that is possibly my all time fave pete rock track

Anonymous said...

thanks s!

I now officially have a fish in my dish (hey, that couldn't be a euphamism for anything, could it?).

love the simone, too. very laid back, even for her.

anyway i thought i'd up perhaps my favorite song of all time. It's quite a bit older than the stuff you guide us to, but it is part of the root system.

you probably heard of bessie smith- well this is the other bessie


Scholar said...

Kevvy---Gratitude for stopping by, and thanks for the props. I consider that a true compliment coming from someone with a music collection as vast and versatile as yours.

Firpo---I'm diggin' that Bessie Jones track, and glad you finally copped the Sharon Jones song. What you do with the fish that has now been placed squarely in your dish is, of course, entirely up to you ;)

obifromsouthlondon said...

very nice!

picked up a superrappin' sampler in italy back in Y2K3 and caught "This is What They Meant". oh boy was i giggin' off that joint! great collabo. the sampler also had self scientific's "Three Kings". Listening to their "king kong" joint with Bun B as i type. underrated duo.

now i need to smoke some shit and organize my stuff properly. nothing sucks more than downloading stuff you already have.

scholar thx for the props mane!

Craig Chilvers said...

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