Thursday, January 12, 2006

Too Strong For Too Long...

I am (barely) functioning on one hour of sleep, 2 cases of Pepsi, and 14 multi-vitamins. Apparently, the "buzz" that I'm experiencing is perfectly legal, but theoretically speaking, I may be less of a menace to myself and others had I smoked a pound of crack...even if the shit is wack.

Anyway, as much as I'd like to chat, my brain is nowhere near capable of pontification, intelligent discourse,etc. I was just watching Dora the Explorer with one of more mentally unstable friends, and found it rather difficult to follow the intricacies of the plot structure. Enough said? To the links we go:

Download CL Smooth's "Smoke in the Air" and "Chizzled" by Nas at Checkerboard Chimes:

If you haven't caught it yet, you can check DangerDoom's video for "ATHF" here:

"Like That" by Ghostface Killah (w/ Ne-Yo) is available at Lemon-Red:

Several tracks by DJ Magic Mike can be downloaded at Eric's Archives:

A remix of Mary J Blige's song "Without You" (feat. Stat Quo) has been posted at Spine Magazine:

David Letterman engages in a battle of wits with media jackass Bill O'Reilly. See the video footage here:

If you're just exiting your cave in the middle of the wilderness and haven't visited Oh Word yet, get on it sucka:

Ear Fuzz posted a couple of dope tracks from Tag of the Times Version 2.0 ---Mike Ladd's "Bladerunners" (Company Flow mix) and "Scand'lous" by Mr. No No (aka Saafir):

Cop a few De La Soul remixes at So Much Silence:

Finally, read more about the upcoming Boondocks flick at SOHH:

As soon as this damn pseudo-crack wears off, I swear I'm gonna get some sleep...


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