Friday, January 06, 2006

One Morning Soon I Will Find Some Wings...

Before we begin---rest in peace to the legendary Lou Rawls:

Soul Shower ( and Koopa's Hideaway ( paid their respects by posting a few of his tracks. Be sure to check them out...

The Low End Theory is finally blizzack with more audio crack---DJ Haze has done several new posts this past week. Treat Williams also left his couch long enough to hit us up with a review of hip-hop, politics, and culture in 1993. You can (and should) hook up with both of these fine blogs in the permanent links section.

If you hated Jennifer Wilbanks (the runaway bride), hurricanes, Kaballah, and the Black Eyed Peas this past year, you may be amused by retroCRUSH's list of The 100 Most Annoying Things in 2005:

Even better than that is Loosie's list of antiheroes of the year. Perhaps the most interesting inclusion was God, who not only created natural disasters and the Intelligent Design Theory, but also (allegedly) inspired every dumb-ass move that Dubya's administration made this past year:

Speaking of God, I know that Christmas is over and everything, but RZA doing "Jingle Bells" on The Late, Late Show is worth momentarily rejuvenating your holiday spirit. Link to the video via Grandgood:

Can I Bring My Gat? is highlighting the production work of Sam Sever. "Words of Wisdom" may well be the nicest joint I've heard all week:

If you aren't already utilizing RapShare as your definitive source for downloading mixtapes, what the fuck is your affliction???:

Download Kid Koala LPs at Sumomofo:

So Much Silence has had a couple of excellent updates this week---download James Brown's "Funky Drummer" (Parts 1 and 2 + bonus beats) and a few Spearhead/Michael Franti joints:

Check out "Down to Zero" by Bettye LaVette at Silence Is A Rhythm, Too:

Before I go, I have to admit that I've been feelin' all fly and shit since being added to the blog roll at Soul Sides ( I was kind of surprised to have ended up there, because Oliver seems to have a distinct preference for blogs that have decent graphics---which clearly, Souled On does not. Amongst other issues, my links are all hangin' out and shit---I mean, I'm seriously a hot mess over here. For this reason, I really appreciate Mr. Wang's generosity. I thought about writing him a ten page letter expressing my gratitude and admiration, but reconsidered in light of the fact that every blogger nerd in the world is already firmly attached to his nutsack. That must get a little heavy sometimes, so I decided to give O. Wang a break. But seriously, dude---thank you...


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