Friday, September 19, 2008

Souled On Samples Part XXII

Greetings & salutations, soul babies.

I get quite a few questions and requests in my inbox, but none so compelling or frequent as the following:

"Yo...what the hell ever happened to Souled On Samples, bitch?"

And so, the people have spoken....

"Didn't I"---Darondo (zShare)

"Didn't I"---Darondo (savefile)

Sampled on:

"Remember The Time"---Grip Grand ft. Darondo (zShare)

"Remember The Time"---Grip Grand ft. Darondo (savefile)

"It's Better To Have No Love"---Gloria Scott (zShare)

"It's Better To Have No Love"---Gloria Scott (savefile)

Sampled on:

"Cut Out To FL"---RJD2 (zShare)

"Cut Out To FL"---RJD2 (savefile)

"Of Cities And Escapes"---The Poppy Family (zShare)

"Of Cities And Escapes"---The Poppy Family (savefile)

Sampled on:

"Madness (Instrumental)"---Deltron 3030 (zShare)

"Madness (Instrumental)"---Deltron 3030 (savefile)

"Always Together"---The Dells (zShare)

"Always Together"---The Dells (savefile)

Sampled on:

"Simply Amazin'"---Blu & Exile (zShare)

"Simply Amazin'"---Blu & Exile (savefile)

"If You Leave Me Now/Love So Right"---Thelma Houston & Jerry Butler (zShare)

"If You Leave Me Now/Love So Right"---Thelma Houston & Jerry Butler (savefile)

Sampled on:

"Don't Rush Me"---Jean Grae (zShare)

"Don't Rush Me"---Jean Grae (savefile)

"Films"---Gary Numan (zShare)

"Films"---Gary Numan (savefile)

Sampled on:

"Life Is A Movie"---GZA ft. RZA & Khan-Acito

"Life Is A Movie"---GZA ft. RZA & Khan-Acito

"And He Will Not Come Again"---Galt MacDermot (zShare)

"And He Will Not Come Again"---Galt MacDermot (savefile)

Sampled on:

"Que Sera"---Wax Tailor (zShare)

"Que Sera"---Wax Tailor (savefile)

"I'm Your Puppet"---Bobby & James Purify (zShare)

"I'm Your Puppet"---Bobby & James Purify (savefile)

Sampled on:

"Live And Direct From The House Of Hits"---Intelligent Hoodlum/Craig G (zShare)

"Live And Direct From The House Of Hits"---Intelligent Hoodlum/Craig G (savefile)

"Day By Day"---Eddie Kendricks (zShare)

"Day By Day"---Eddie Kendricks (savefile)

Sampled on:

"Let The Beat Build"---Lil Wayne (zShare)

"Let The Beat Build" ---Lil Wayne (savefile)

"Wurly"---Galt MacDermot (zShare)

"Wurly"---Galt MacDermot (savefile)

Sampled on:

"In This"---Oh No ft. Murs (zShare)

"In This"---Oh No ft. Murs (savefile)

"Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)"---Ruby Andrews (zShare)

"Casanova (Your Playing Days Are Over)"---Ruby Andrews (savefile)

Sampled on:

"The Dirt"---Edgar Allen Floe ft. Mal Demolish (zShare)

"The Dirt"---Edgar Allen Floe ft. Mal Demolish (savefile)

Word From Your Moms:

"Have you ever looked at a cloud and thought it was something else? Then stop...smoking...dope!"---Stephen Colbert


paul said...


You are the business.

Many thanks,


jeff said...




raggedy said...

I love The Dells!

Anonymous said...

this is heat, sun. you didn't even ask us to dig deeper, but i did and ended up falling down a fabulous rabbit hole starting with luv n' haight... "didn't i" is a wonderful song, a complicated yay area smile. big up. oh, and happy born day, cousin.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday

Styler said...

Hey Scholar, is it your B Day mio amico? If so have a happy one/time.

"Didn't I" is a great groove, one of quite a few on the album, as for Grip Grand, not so much sampling as playing the song in the background and rappin' some toss over the top. I doesn't work for me, I'd rather just listen to Darondo.

The Dells are smooth as are Booby and James and of course Eddie Kendricks, however no matter the sample be it good or great, I can't stomach Lil' Wayne, pish. Rapper of the year....Aye right you are!!

Ruby Andrews is quality and good sample use on the Dirt track.

Don't mean to sound too negative dude, I guess i'm in a pisser of a mood and as we all know music is subjective and emotive... But Lil Wayne is pish.


purple_Crayons said...

all these jams are dope. but the poppy family track came out of nowhere. i swear my curtains caught fire. automator samples are pretty hard to come by, and you never fail to hit me with jams i've been looking for.


p.s. the jake one album leaked; you hear it?

NickNitelife said...

Many Thanks, Scholar.

So damn smooth, once again. Keep the great work up, you bring smiles to many faces.



Travis said...

Hey Scholar, sorry about having to go to the "bitch" card in that email about the Souled On Samples, it was a bad day.

You know my thoughts on Grip Grand and Darondo. That's a great song, but you are kind of late, I already had this blogger dude send me that sample and the story behind it....oh wait, that was bad...hahaha

And you always gotta love anything from that Blu & Exile album

Scholar said...

Paul---You're welcome. I always think of you when I'm putting together one of these posts. Hope all is well.

Jeff---Glad you enjoyed the post. Thanks for letting me know.

raggedy---Me too. I haven't posted enough of their music. One of my many oversights, but I've been a fan of their stuff for as long as I can remember.

anon 1---Gratitude for the kind words, succosa. I felt really guilty about the dig deeper section, but I was in a crunch for time as usual---don't think I'll let that happen again because I haven't been sleeping very well at night.

Darondo is THE man. If you don't have Let My People Go, I will send it to because it's essential like breathing. Really.

fly sends you much love.

anon 2---Thank you.

Styler---I'd rather just listen to Darondo, too. At least 80% of the time I prefer the original, but I give Grip Grand credit for using one hell of a foundation.

I'm ambivalent about Lil Wayne. I don't think he's without talent, but all the greatest rapper alive nonsense is a bitter pill for me to swallow. People who think that are overlooking a few other commercial artists and missing what's bubbling up from the underground entirely. When I do this series, it's always a little hard to make song selections. I'd rather do all underground joints, but I worry that a lot of those cats can't afford to pay for clearances and I don't want to call them out.

Bad mood or not, I feel ya homie.

purple crayons---I've been holding back on upping that Poppy Family joint for years. I actually LOVE that original song. I have to keep some gems in the arsenal so I don't expend my resources all at once, but I was most proud to drop that one this time.

Hope you're well, fam.

nick---Sincerest thanks. Your comment made my day.

Travis---I didn't get that e-mail, cousin. Were you bitching at me about Souled On Samples? Of all people, you know my quandry with this series, but it's like smack, my brother. I get the shakes after a while...and so does a good portion of my readership. Occasionally we gotta get our fix.

I put that Dells joint up for you, Trav. Not sure if you've discovered all of the originals or not, but we've had good times discussing that album.

Hope all's well.

Travis Bickle said...

Hey, Great blog, I don't know if you knew it, but the song "Friends by day" of the whatnauts was sampled in "moment on a time", in the evidence last album.

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