Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Souled On Samples Part XXI

What's crackin', soul kids?

As my Auntie Peaches always says, it's hotter than a three-balled tomcat outside. She may be a silly-ass toothless alcoholic, but she can be pretty nice with the metaphors nonetheless.

Sheeeeit...even Erykah Badu couldn't talk my ass into a pair of crocheted pants on a scorcher like today. It's about 3000 degrees and that shit don't make Common Sense.

Anyway, I switched up the format a little bit this time to keep things fresh and to give everyone an opportunity to hear how one producer flipped each original song. As always, feel free to drop further knowledge or links in the comment box if there's anything you want to add.

A'ight then---no matter how high the heat index rises, you crazy fools try'n keep those heads cooler than a fan...

"Everything's Gonna Be Alright"---The Magictones (zShare)
"Everything's Gonna Be Alright"---The Magictones (savefile)

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Sampled On:
"State Of Grace (Instrumental)"---Raekwon (zShare)
"State Of Grace (Instrumental)"---Raekwon (savefile)

*Produced by: RZA

"The Long And Winding Road"---Aretha Franklin (zShare)
"The Long And Winding Road"---Aretha Franklin (savefile)

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Sampled On:
"The Life (Instrumental)"---Styles P/Pharoahe Monch (zShare)
"The Life (Instrumental)"---Styles P/Pharoahe Monch (savefile)

*Produced by Ayatollah

"Loneliness"---Jean Plum (zShare)
"Loneliness"---Jean Plum (savefile)

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Sampled On:
"Chi Kung"---RZA (zShare)
"Chi Kung"---RZA (savefile)

*Produced by Barracuda

"Under The Influence Of Love"---Love Unlimited Orchestra (zShare)
"Under The Influence Of Love"---Love Unlimited Orchestra (savefile)

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Sampled on:
"Puffin' On A Cloud"---The Beatnuts (zShare)
"Puffin' On A Cloud"---The Beatnuts (savefile)

*Produced by Psycho Les

*Also sampled on “Ghetto Superstar” by Pras/ODB/Mya and "I Dare You" by Black Rob

"Theme"---Solution (zShare)
"Theme"---Solution (savefile)

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Sampled on:
"Soldier"---Erykah Badu (zShare)
"Soldier"---Erykah Badu (savefile)

*Produced by Karriem Riggins

"Mister Moonshine"---Fat Mattress (zShare)
"Mister Moonshine"---Fat Mattress (savefile)

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Sampled on:
"No Excuse For Lovin'(Instrumental)"---Soul Position (zShare)
"No Excuse For Lovin'(Instrumental)"---Soul Position (savefile)

*Produced by RJD2

"Magnificent Sanctuary Band"---Donny Hathaway (zShare)
"Magnificent Sanctuary Band"---Donny Hathaway (savefile)

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Sampled on:
"Fuck What U Heard (instrumental)"---Diamond D (zShare)
"Fuck What U Heard (instrumental)"---Diamond D (savefile)

*Produced by Diamond D & Lakim Shabazz

*Also sampled on "9th Wonder (Blackitolism) by Digable Planets; "Johnny Ryall" by The Beastie Boys; "808" by KMD; "Drunk Tekneke" by King Tee

"Each Day I Cry A Little"---Eddie Kendricks (zShare)
"Each Day I Cry A Little"---Eddie Kendricks (savefile)

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Sampled on:
"God Gave Me Style"---50 Cent (zShare)
"God Gave Me Style"---50 Cent (savefile)

*Produced by Needlz

"Nothing's Gonna Stop Me"---Billy Davis/Marilyn McCoo (zShare)
"Nothing's Gonna Stop Me"---Billy Davis/Marilyn McCoo (savefile)

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Sampled On:
"Shut It Down (Instrumental)"---Black Milk (zShare)
"Shut It Down (Instrumental)"---Black Milk (savefile)

*Produced by Black Milk

"Sand And Rain"---Nancy Holloway (zShare)
"Sand And Rain"---Nancy Holloway (savefile)

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Sampled On:
"Your Revolution"---DJ Vadim/Sarah Jones (zShare)
"Your Revolution"---DJ Vadim/Sarah Jones (savefile)

*Produced by DJ Vadim

"Sweet Green Fields"---Seals & Crofts (zShare)
"Sweet Green Fields"---Seals & Crofts (savefile)

Dig deeper...

Sampled On:
"Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See"---Busta Rhymes (zShare)
"Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Could See"---Busta Rhymes (savefile)

*Produced by Shamello/Buddah/Epitome

Word From Your Moms:

“Nothing does reason more right, than the coolness of those that offer it: For Truth often suffers more by the heat of its defenders, than from the arguments of its opposers.”---William Penn


Dan Love said...


Hope all is good with you mate, it's been a minute. Thanks for the hotness, particularly that Donna Hathaway cut.

Keep on!


mxm said...

Many thanks for the S&C song and this is the first place Ive seen the sample for Soldier. Never late always on time.

Peace brother peace.

paul said...

Souled on Samples.
It's what the kids live for.
Peace Scholar

Anonymous said...

Nice mix. Hadn't heard of Nancy Holloway before. Thanks.

The Incredible Hawkes said...

Loving these lessons dude, I got my brother and nephew on Souled On ...each one, teach one. Keep on moving bruh!!!

j-mac said...

such a great blog.



Silent Springs said...
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The Big Sleep said...

Do you happen to have the You Can't Front beat, the one from the What U Heard EP? I've been searching for it for ages. Cheers.

The Big Sleep said...

Sorry, I meant the What U Heard 12", the Diamond D one...

da_neal said...

Greatest thanx for all from Russia. I'm listen music from your blog and speak you: thanx, BIGGEST THANX!!!!

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