Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Souled On Samples XX (Version 2.0)

The soul kids with the sharpest pencils in their pocket protectors probably noticed that Souled On Samples XX is now gone daddy gone. The story behind why gets too involved to bother explaining (or maybe my insidious clue will help you figure it out), but needless to say, the entire post is officially retired. When last seen, it had purchased a deluxe condo in Florida and planned on spending the rest of eternity playing golf, eating soft-boiled foods, and watching Matlock reruns.

Anyway, no sense crying over spilled milk Heineken...time to move onward and upward.

This selection of tracks bears no similarity to the original line-up...I only tagged this post as version 2.0 for the sake of continuity. Lots of good stuff this time around, so don't sleep.

Peace and hair grease, children...Scholar

"What Happened To The Real Me?"---Mavis Staples (zShare)

"What Happened To The Real Me?"---Mavis Staples (savefile)

Sampled on "Law Of Physics " by Lootpack (prod. by Madlib) and "Head Rush" by Pete Rock w/RZA & GZA

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"Can't Stop Loving You"---Soul Dog (zShare)

"Can't Stop Loving You"---Soul Dog (savefile)

Sampled on "Hungry" by Common (prod. by No I.D.) and "The Movement" by Declaime ft. Lootpack (prod. by Madlib)

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"Motherless Child"---O.V. Wright (zShare)

"Motherless Child"---O.V. Wright (savefile)

Sampled on "Motherless Child" by Ghostface Killah/Raekwon (prod. by RZA)

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"This Love's For Real"---The Impressions (zShare)

"This Love's For Real"---The Impressions (savefile)

Sampled on "Respect My Hustle" by Papoose (prod. by Heatmakerz)

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"Give In To Love"---Sister Sledge (zShare)

"Give In To Love"---Sister Sledge (savefile)

Sampled on "Stop Fooling Yourself" by Skyzoo (prod. by 9th Wonder) *Cop this joint via my last post

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"Morning Sunrise"---Weldon Irvine (zShare)

"Morning Sunrise"---Welson Irvine (savefile)

Sampled on "Dear Summer" by Jay-Z (prod. by Just Blaze); appears on Memphis Bleek's 534 LP

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"A Good Man Is Gone"---Monk Higgins/Barbara Mason (zShare)

"A Good Man Is Gone"---Monk Higgins/Barbara Mason (savefile)

Sampled on "Next Time" by Gang Starr (prod. by DJ Premier)

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"I Put A Spell On You"---Screamin' Jay Hawkins (zShare)

"I Put A Spell On You"---Screamin' Jay Hawkins (savefile)

Sampled on "Kick In The Door" by Notorious B.I.G. (prod. by DJ Premier) and "LL Cool J" by LL Cool J (prod. by DJ Scratch)

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"Never Let 'Em Say"---Ballin' Jack (zShare)

"Never Let 'Em Say"---Ballin' Jack (savefile)

Sampled on "Shadrach" by The Beastie Boys (prod. by Beastie Boys and Dust Bros.)

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"Food Stamps"---24 Carat Black (zShare)

"Food Stamps"---24 Carat Black (savefile)

Sampled on "Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)" by Digable Planets (prod. by Butterfly)

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"Advice"---Sly & The Family Stone (zShare)

"Advice"---Sly & The Family Stone (savefile)

Sampled on "AmeriKKKa's Most Wanted" by Ice Cube (prod. by Bomb Squad)

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"(It's Not The Express) It's The JB Monorail"---The J.B.'s (zShare)

"(It's Not The Express) It's The JB Monorail"---The J.B.'s (savefile)

Sampled on "Nastradamus" by Nas (prod. by L.E.S.), "3 Out Of 7" by J-Live w/ Asheru and El da Sensei (prod. by DJ Spinna), "Final Chapter" by Compton's Most Wanted (prod. by DJ Slip), "Let The Funk Flow" by EPMD (prod. by EPMD), "Classic Shit" by Ill Al Skratch (prod. by The LG Experience), "Put The Squeeze On 'Em" by Jaz (prod. by Big Jaz), "A Real Mutha For Ya" by Cash Money & Marvelous, and "Hangin' Out" by 2 Live Crew (prod. by Mike "Fresh" McCray)

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Fundamental Supplementalz:

Bonus mp3s (zShare only):

"Untitled #16"---Madlib (from Top Secret Bangers)
Madlib generally samples more jazz and prog rock than straight-up soul records, but joints like this showcase his ability to flip just about any style and blend it seamlessly into his repertoire of sounds.

"Dedicated"---Digable Planets (from Beyond The Spectrum: The Creamy Spy Chronicles)

"Little Renee"---Digable Planets (from Coneheads OST)

If you live on my block, you know that it's not at all uncommon to hear some classic Digable tracks still bumpin' from my ride in '08. Luckily, no one's tried to shoot me it's still all good. I ain't never swappin' my soul funk jive and rhythm jams for some toxic waste by Webbie, ya heard?


"Hungry" is easily one of my favorite Common joints of all time. While he was insufferably afflicted with Baduizm, this is one of the records I dug out to reminisce on the good ol' days. (No disrespect to Erykah though, need to jump the couch):

My man Screamin' Jay was one crazy mutha (R.I.P.). If you aren't diggin' the crazy antics and such, you at least gotta appreciate his originality and exceptional vocal abilities:

This is a clip of some powerful moments during the civil rights movement, accompanied by Mavis Staples' song "Eyes On The Prize". The track can be found on her We'll Never Turn Back LP, released last year on the Anti label. If you have some appreciation for this, please consider buying her record. There are so few living soul artists left, and supporting the legends who are still with us is an essential means of expressing our collective gratitude:

Word From Your Moms:
"There is in this world no such force as the force of a person determined to rise. The human soul cannot be permanently chained."---W.E.B. Dubois


Max said...

Great songs as usual..keep doin your thing Scholar..

Graz said...

this is what i was waitin for!
the post is full of hot joints, good looks on the Sister Sledge sample and Screamin' Jay Hawkins!

PS Scholar i send you my tape, let me know if you took it!


thanks my man for that sample....I needed that in my life


purple_Crayons said...

not sure what you're referring to at the beginning of the post, but the Mavis Staples and Soul Dog tracks are quite nice! thanks!

tony li said...

scholar your posts never ceases to amaze me, so much goodness and so little time. keep on keeping on my man.

The Incredible Hawkes said...

Props Scholar!!!! I love that JB's joint bruh, that's one of my favorite EPMD tracks, and the Mavis Staples joint is dope. Keep sharing this great music with the world.

godssun said...

Great collection of songs this time. I need to get a bigger hard drive after visiting here the last month. Apreciated.

Josh said...

yo scholar...haven't stopped by in a while...hate to hear that souled on samples is going away. listen, just don't shut down this blog, or me and my shorties will have to move in witchu...

Anonymous said...

A'ight Scholar ~ Screamin' Jay...he scares me. Give me Nina ;).

Another great post. I'm actually inspired to step it up a notch after reviewing the Mavis video. Very inspiring. Makes you think.

I will be buying her CD.

Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I get the picture, Scholar... :-( It is good to see that you're not letting the bastards get you down as it were.

Keep on schoolin' 'em!

Peace and blessings.

Krisch said...

great post as usual!

isn't that Barbara Mason on the Monk Higgins joint?

Scholar said...

Max---Gratitude. I have no immediate plans to give this shit up...even when I say I'm going to quit, it calls me right back.

Graz---Your mixes have been on heavy rotation at the crib. You'll def. get a mention in a future post.

Maharajah---That Sister Sledge joint was just for you. Glad you liked it so much.

purple crayons---Sorry if my meaning was cryptic. Blogger swallowed the whole post because of one particular song. The whole thing was pretty ridiculous, but I didn't want to give up any details.

Tony---Good to hear from you, fam. As always, your encouragement helps me to stay up...

hawkes---I should have put that Mavis joint up a long time ago, but I always keep a few tracks in the vault for another day. Keeps shit more interesting I guess.

That track by The J.B.'s is a monster, too---I'm sure it's been sampled way more times than I mentioned.

goddsun---Thanks for stopping by---your hard drive must have some pretty dope stuff on it (ha ha). Your name reminds me of both Nas and which is it?

Josh---Again, I have to apologize for the confusion I created. I'm still going to do the sample series. One installment got hammered because I leaked a single unreleased track, but one fuck-up in 3 years ain't gonna stop the show.

PK---Get ready, because I've got some films with Screamin Jay, as well as records and books. Education is the key ;)

Vincent---I'm glad you understood, bro. I think I really confused everyone else. I still believe that what I do is helping music more than harming it, so one deleted post isn't going to dissuade me. Fuck 'em.

Krisch---Good lookin' out...I needed to fix that. The file was tagged wrong in my mp3 directory and I just didn't think that through before I posted the tune. You're right though---that song was on the Sheba, Baby ST.

I actually appreciate the correction since my broke ass can't afford an editor and I take pride in keeping my facts straight.

Kerry said...

Scholar - I ain't been around for a while, it's like comin' home.

Anyway, hells yes on the Digable Planets. I started bumpin that on Saturday night, and folks were straight clowin'. Suckas just don't understand.

RK said... I just found this blog and it's like an oasis. For the past seven years or so, I've been unearthing whatever little Soul can be found in the bad music stores in Cape Town, SA, and making compilations and handing them out to friends (Another friend calls it the underground distribution push). You know, the music that takes me back to my childhood (I was born before the moonlanding)and all inspired by Spike Lee's Crooklyn.

But the stores here are really bad and, besides, my bank manager and I are not on speaking terms. So it's good to find a site with so much breadth, depth and knowledge. Honoured Scholar, from the southern tip of Africa, greetings.

rb said...

that madlib track was pretty, hadn't heard it before.

Anonymous said...

Hi :-)
I very much like your blog.
I heard this song again this evening and suddenly I thought : why not ask it here. The question is : which Ella Fitzgerald song did De Phazz sample in 'Cut The Jazz' ? I'd really like to know. Do you know ?

De Phazz - Cut The Jazz


Scholar said...

Kerry---Glad you're back. Keep bumpin' that Digi...consider it enlightenment for anyone who acts like they don't know.

rk---Unity through music is what it's about...gratitude for dropping such a thoughtful comment. Sent you an e-mail as well.

rb---I like that lil' Madlib joint, too---guess that's obvious. It's short and not very complicated, but I kinda hope he develops that thought a little further in the future. It would be crazy to hear Lord Quas rap on that track!

x---I appreciate the props. That De Phazz joint samples "Love For Sale" by Ella Fitzgerald. They also remixed her song "Wait 'Til You See Him"---check for that if you haven't heard it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for Lou Johnson and Gloria Jones. To quote "The In Crowd", "The original is still the greatest."
All this made me think of a song that's never blogged anywhere:The Joker-Billy Myles. I think it was originally on Ember. For some reason that song seems to have completly disappeared. It doesn't have anything to do with the Steve Miller song.

DJ Filthy Rich said...

would you mind re-upping the Digable Planets "Little Renee" ? the zshare link seems to just keep on looping, and won't download the song.

it would be very much appreciated.....thanks in advance!

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