Tuesday, March 04, 2008

People Make The World Go Round

It's been a while since I've featured a guest writer, so I recently reached out to a couple of new kids on the block to see if they would be so kind as to introduce themselves to the funky soul children in the place to be.

The music community on the internet has been good to me...not only my readers, but many fellow bloggers have also extended themselves in one way or another since I started Souled On. I'm terrible at self-promotion, so I'm grateful to those who've contacted me personally or been good enough to spread the word in one form or another. In turn, I've tried to do some reaching out as well, especially to up-and-coming bloggers who have a style I can genuinely respect. Without question, E-Mile is one such dude.

What can I say, except that this guy astounds me? He asked me to check out his blog a short time ago, and my jaw literally hit the floor when I saw what an amazing and diverse selection of music he's sharing with his readers. You'll have to check this out thoroughly for yourselves at
E-Mile Says The Songs Do Matter.

For his guest spot, he chose to share a generous number of versions of "People Make The World Go Round". Coincidentally, it just so happens to be one of my favorite songs of all time...hope you enjoy this half as much as I did.

Peace, Love, & Understanding

Hi folks at Souled On. Today I'm proud to present my guest post here. A little while back Scholar contacted me to see if I was interested in making a guest appearance on his great blog. After having a little time to think about it,(a second or two) I agreed and so here it is!

I'm rather a newbie in the Blog-o-sphere. I started my own little blog in November 2007, shortly after my dearly beloved job went down the drain. After working for 14 years in a recordshop, it was hard for me to "just let go" and starting a blog seemed a decent way to "lick my wounds" and to continue sharing music. So feel free to visit me once in a while, if you agree that songs do the matter!

With all the feedback I received (I must thank Vincent The Soulchef, Scholar of course, Ish from Ile Oxumare, Rab Hines, Vesper from Pharaohs Dance & many others), I felt that I had to pick ONE song that could express the (musical) love from the sharing community that Blogworld is... (to me!). So I thought about it for a while and picked (for obvious reasons!) the song "People Make the World Go Round".

First time I heard it was (strangely enough) not the rather classic Stylistics version, but the one from the Innerzone Orchestra! Go figure that!

I found two slightly different lyrics, the song was written by Thom Bell & Linda Creed:

Trash men didn't get my trash today
Oh, why, because they want more pay
Buses on strike, wanna raise in fare
So they can help pollute the air
But that's what makes the world go round
The up and downs a carousel
Changing people's heads around
Go underground, young man
People make the world go round
Wall Street losin' on every share
They're blamin' it on longer hair
Big men smokin' in their easy chair
On a fat cigar without a care
People make the world go round
People make the world go round
People make the world go round
People make the world go round

A slightly different rendering is the one done by Raven Symoné:

Trash cans sittin' cause it's trash day
Ohh, why because they want more pay
Buses on strike, gonna raise the fare
sooo they can help pollute the air
But that's what makes the world go round
the ups and downs, a carousel
Changin' people's heads around
go underground railroad
People make the world go round
People make the world go round
Teachers on strike, no more school today
They want more money but the board won't pay
Everyone's talkin' 'bout ecology
The air is so polluted that it's hard to breathe

I also discovered a painting by Eduardo Sarabia entitled: People Make the World Go Round, (don't know if it's inspired by the song, but it sure has a point :-)

Following are a few links to watch the song:

Lalah Hathaway & Marcus Miller (@ North Sea Jazz)
The Voices
Kendra Glenn
Earnest Walker Jr. &
here you can watch the record from Hortense Ellis go round.

And, aaah, finally, here's the tracklisting for the songs:

1. Angela Bofill - People Make The World Go Round (4:33)
2. Cleveland Eaton- People Make The World Go Round (4:27)
3. Freddie Hubbard - People Make The World Go Round (5:50)
4. Hortense Ellis - People Make The World Go Round (3:17)
5. Innerzone Orchestra - People Make The World Go Round (5:13)
6. O'Donel Levy - People Make The World Go Round (4:41)
7. Marc Dorsey - People Make The World Go Round (5:06)
8. Marcus Miller - People Make The World Go Round (9:04)
9. Michael Jackson - People Make The World Go 'Round (3:16)
10. Milt Jackson - People Make The World Go Round (8:29)
11. Now Generation- People Make The World Go Round (3:18)
12. Paperclip People- People Make The World Go Round (3:18)
13. Ramon Morris- People Make The World Go Around (3:16)
14. Ramsey Lewis Trio- People Make The World Go Round (4:49)
15. Raven Symoné- People Make The World Go Round (1:51)
16. Ruddy Thomas- People Make The World Go Round (3:54)
17. Stylistics- People Make The World Go Round (6:27)

Hope you listen to and/or like these 17 versions. Maybe the song gets a bit weary after hearing it that many times, so you might consider dosing them :-)

{Download each track individually via savefile by clicking the artist's name, or get them all in one package here}

And for those who can't get enough, a little bonus is available from this LP! I found it hard to even recognize the song...Listen to Bobby's vibes here.

So, remember, it's people (and their love for music) that makes the world go round.

I'm out.


Word From E-Mile's Moms:

"Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny."---Frank Zappa


Jonesy said...

Whoa. I love this song in just about any form and I already listened to three or four of these that frickin' blew me away. Thanks Scholar and EMile for helping me start the day right.

The Incredible Hawkes said...

Word!! I have that Milt Jackson version on vinyl with Freddie Hubbard on horns and Herbie Hancock on piano. The name of the album is Sunflower so if you see it pick up great album, and excellent post this song is definitely one of my favorite no matter who does it. PROPS!!

Anonymous said...

could you please inform me in which album is the Freddie Hubbard version? Props to the scholar and e-mile for the excellent (as usual) post.

Emile said...

Hi Anonymous...
it was featured at the 1974 CTI album: Polar AC.
amg link = http://www.allmusic.com/cg/amg.dll?p=amg&token=ADFEAEE4781DDD48A47F20C19F3648CCFA64FD1CCA46E89D3E284558D9FB3F44911F73F94CFC879EE9B676AB7DB0FD2EA45243D4C0EC52F6D9622D5DF0&sql=10:dvfixqegldke

regards, E-mile

Anonymous said...

Lenny Williams also has a version....

E-mile said...

hi (another?) anonymous,
don't know that one, maybe provide a little link if you have it on hand?
Many more folks did it, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Joe McBride, Karen Ramirez, Richard Elliot, Bob Baldwin, Monty Alexander, Phil Perry and Chosen Few are amongst them :-)
Oh yeah, the Bad Brains did also a (really fucked up) version, but I'm not completely "sure" if it's the same song (lyrics are hard to hear:)
regards, E-mile

ADB said...

Fantastic post, I'd forgotten about this song.

Anonymous said...

Great song! Thanks for the post -- very complete. I like the version of this song by the Chosen Few (reggae).

ish said...

I followed a link over from E-mile's blog. Such an interesting blog. Gonna have to come back here and spend some time reading. Thanks!

soulbrotha said...

this was a great post, e-mile!

The Raven Symone track seems to be cut off at 1:51?

E-mile said...

hi Soulbrotha:
your right, dunno what went wrong,
on my PC the original is also too short..maybe someone else has a "full version"?
regards, E-mile

The Angry Independent said...

Thanks for the link. I just clicked over to check things out...and I already like what I see.

E-mile said...

Hi everyone!
Last weekend I stumbled upon another GREAT version of the song (can't remember where though!) by the Ice Man's Band...
you can listen to it here:
enjoy and bye,

Martin from Hamburg said...

I think Lenny WIlliams' Version was the first recorded though not the first released, quote: " In 1969, Williams signed with Fantasy and recorded his first single, "Lisa's Gone," a soul ballad that was far from a big hit, but did receive some airplay in the Bay Area. After providing a second single for Fantasy, Williams was signed to Atlantic by Jerry Wexler and recorded a version of the Thom Bell/Linda Creed gem "People Make the World Go Round." Williams' version might have been a hit -- had it not been for the Stylistics, that is. Unfortunately for Williams, the Stylistics' famous version of "People Make the World Go Round" came out as a single and soared to the top of the charts before Atlantic had a chance to release Williams' version. "
So without further ado, listen here (mono version!)

Martin from Hamburg said...

Me again: Here is the Remix of the Innerzone Version by J-88 aka Jay Dilla. I really love this. And as a bonus there is also a different edit of this remix by benny b.

E-mile said...

Hi Martin,
thanx for your contributions.. (both!)
kind regards, E-mile

E-mile said...

Hi Martin,
totally LIKE the Lenny Williams!
Sounds awefully good, as does the Innerzone RMXS, thanks again.

soulbrotha said...

Martin, thanks for that Lenny Williams! Yowsah!

L.Geronimo said...

Ray Baretto als has a version on CTI records, which I find a nice listen too:


E-mile said...

Geronimo, that Ray Baretto song seems to be exactly the same as the one by Milt Jackson!?
regards, E-mile

Lasse Veigas said...

Sergio Mendes affiliates The Gimmicks also made a cover of this song, featuring lyrics in their native tongue, Swedish. "Just sånt får en att bli sur" translates "Those things that pisses one off" and it's without a doubt a reference to the socio-economic complaints of the original lyrics. But the line about late buses in a Scandinavian perspective is more like things that make me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Little late, but anyway:
Young-Holt Unlimited:
grz, indiani

E-mile said...

thanks for this addition :-)
I liked it very much!
peace, E-mile

RK said...

This is my third comment for today. I can't believe I haven't bumped into Souled On Music before. Your blog is mindblowing and I have started to read at the beginning, despite the fact that I like creamcheese.

The music, man, the music is just driving me crazy. I love this song, and I'm digging all the covers, right now the hotshit funky Bofill cover. God! It's like salvation!

Out In The Street said...

You should also check out the reggae version of this song by Errol Brown & The Chosen Few.

It is featured on disc 3 of the Trojan Suedehead Boxset.

I was attempting to put it on zshare.net but it was giving me trouble.

E-mile said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
E-mile said...

hi folks, really, really LATE, but it's so good I couldn't keep it from you :-)
A version by Charles Willams (1972) found on a very friendly place.
I uploaded just this song, please enjoy!

Peter said...

thank you so much for this great post, and great tune. respect!

Simon666 said...

A great collection, thanks guys!
E-Mile pointed me over here as I just posted a vinyl rip of Freddie Hubbard's "Polar AC" (1975), which one f these versions comes from (Freddie's also on the Milt jackson version of course).

Great site here by the way ....
And really enjoying that Lenny Williams version too, never heard that one ...

Anyway, think I've got another 3-4 versions, will upload later :)
Peace out!
Simon from Neveer Enough Rhodes

E-mile said...

yet, later & later again...
another one, also found on a friendly place :-)
check it here for just the song:
DAmn, I can't remember where I found the Johnny Lytle 1975 album,
I'm going demented...
peace, E-mile

E-mile said...

found it, not 75 but 72 :-)
go here:

peace, E-mile

Anonymous said...

there is also a hip-hop instrumental by blackalicous, it calls "swan lake". very impressive beat. its a pitty i cant find the original here in all these versions. the version from o'donel levy its seems to be it, but its not. if someone is interested, my email: altinova71@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

i forgot: maybe the version im looking for is one of them the link is no mor available.

noneemac said...

I could spend all day listening to this awesome tune. Thanks, y'all, for collectively making my day with your recollections and stories and smiles. I'm stoked to go check out the Lenny Williams version.

Does anyone know who's on drums on the Freddie Hubbard version? My brother (who's a drummer, so he probably guessed right) thinks it's Harvey Mason. My guess is Bernard Purdie.

Hey, Scholar, if you want to e-mail me at noneemac@gmail.com, I'll send you the Ramsey Lewis smooth jazz version (Ramsey tanks the solo, but the gospel-tinged vocal arrangements are sweet, and the fat-bottom bass drives it all home; the production is crispy clean!), which you could add to the mix here.


Simon666 said...

Hi Nonemac,

The drummer on the Freddie Hubbard version is Lenny White.

Simon666 said...

here you go -
CTI Allstars version, live, also featuring Freddie Hubbard, 1972

E-mile said...

Simon666 has another version for ya'll:

peace, E-mile

E-mile said...

oh, & hurry over to OufarKhan:
The 11-minute take on the Stylistics' People Make the World Go Round is absolutely indescribable, a mix of otherworldly horns and psychedelic guitars over a non-stop African-style groove.
Yeah Baby!!! -it's indeed awesome!
peace, E-mile

Simon666 said...

That post at mine that e-mile referred to :


now includes an expanded discography of Encounter Records, run by Bernard Purdie. Reader Vpex just donated three albums there, including "Sands Of Time" by Profile .... which includes a version of "People Make the world Go Round"

Art Simon said...

Great Post, and some new ones I hadn't heard. More power to the greatest song of all time!

ish said...

I've posted Jeffery Smith's album containing another great version of this song. http://ileoxumare.blogspot.com/2008/12/jeffery-smith-down-here-below-1999.html

DJ Baltimore Boogie Man said...

Derrick Harriott & The Chosen Few do an EXCELLENT cover. I'll see if I can retrieve the mp3...

Anonymous said...

I nominate this song for the World's Anthem. Thank you for the posting.

Simon666 said...

That's a great suggestion!
Everyone has to stand up with their hand on their heart while they play all of the versions lol :)

Paul D. said...

There's little if any argument against the Stylistics original as simply the best version.

The Hortense Ellis version however is truly a killer even despite the mono recording. The original has one of the greatest basslines but the added reggae bass guitar, horns, organ synth and strong female vocals (yes, even despite the mono audio) is just mind blowing. Add to all that the syncoaption in the chorus....Dang this is hot!

I've got it now on heavy rotation on my headset for the last hour. Thanks again!

sexy said...




Simon666 said...

Well hello People-Make-the-World-Go Roundsters,

Here's an MPC cut on the song by beatmaker Damu, under the title "Puttin' in Work". Not sure which version he's chopping, anyone know ?


chazz said...

Having a hell of a time figuring who's bog I picked this up from but DL did not have tags set up right.it's great but missed probably my fave version which is Dee Dee Bridgewater when she was kid on what I believe was her first LP "Afro Blue".Killer track and a killer LP.

Anonymous said...

Why is "Scholar" still quoting the revealed anal stalker, pedophile, blog- and link-killer, and fake "Rab Hines" aka "Glaikit" aka "Granny Hines" aka "Busconductor"?

Simon666 said...

Great version of this track at the end of this mix :

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Anonymous said...

Love this joint. The Stylistics original is my favorite and the Milt Jackson version with Herbie Hancock, Freddie Hubbard, Ron Carter and Bill Cobham is absolutely smokin'. Not sure if we will ever hear the amalgam of jazz, blues, rock and R&B the way it was done in the heyday of Thom Bell and Linda Creed. I think of Roy Ayers, Ohio Players, Steely Dan, fusion-era Miles, Herbie Hancock, Stanley Turrentine, Earth Wind and Fire. The music said something, spoke to the soul, wasn't ALL about celebrity and image. Great post.