Thursday, February 07, 2008

Souled On Samples XIX

"Ain't No Sunshine"---Lyn Collins (zShare)

"Ain't No Sunshine"---Lyn Collins (savefile)

*Sampled on "Don't U Know" by ODB and "Splish Splash" by Cappadonna

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"A New Day"---J.C. Davis (zShare)

"A New Day"---J.C. Davis (savefile)

*Sampled on "Project Jazz" by Hell Razah/MF Doom/Talib Kweli

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"Sir Duke"---Stevie Wonder (zShare)

"Sir Duke"---Stevie Wonder (savefile)

*Sampled on "Footprints" by A Tribe Called Quest and "Let's Get Busy Baby" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

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"Sugar Man"---Rodriguez (zShare)

"Sugar Man"---Rodriguez (savefile)

*Sampled on "You're Da Man" by Nas

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"I Can't Stand (To See You Cry)"---The Escorts (zShare)

"I Can't Stand (To See You Cry)"---The Escorts (savefile)

*Sampled on "Don't Cry" by J Dilla

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"Mr. Cool"---Rasputin's Stash (zShare)

"Mr. Cool"---Rasputin's Stash (savefile)

*Sampled on "We Fly High" by Jim Jones

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"Peace And Love: Movement IV (The Encounter)"---Mandrill (zShare)

"Peace And Love: Movement IV (The Encounter)"---Mandrill (savefile)

*Sampled on "Two Words" by Kanye West/Mos Def/Freeway/Harlem Boy's Choir

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"Deliverance"---Space (zShare)

"Deliverance"---Space (savefile)

*Sampled on "Hostile Gospel Pt. 1 (Deliver Us)" by Talib Kweli

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"Little Green Apples"---Monk Higgins & The Specialites (zShare)

"Little Green Apples"---Monk Higgins & The Specialites (savefile)

*Sampled on "Code Of The Streets" by Gang Starr

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"Pieces Of A Man"---Gil Scott-Heron (zShare)

"Pieces Of A Man"---Gil Scott-Heron (savefile)

*Sampled on "What A Niggy Know" by KMD

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"Make It Easy On Yourself"---Jerry Butler (zShare)

"Make It Easy On Yourself"---Jerry Butler (savefile)

*Sampled on "Jedi Mind Tricks" by Lupe Fiasco

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Fundamental Supplementalz:

Stevie Wonder playing "Superstition" live on "Sesame Street". Programming for the soul children just ain't what it used to be:

A captivating and energetic live performance by Mandrill in 1971:

Bonus mp3s (zShare):

"Jedi Mind Tricks"---Lupe Fiasco
From Fiasco's Fahrenheit 1/15 Part II: Revenge Of The Nerds mixtape...

"2 Words (Dert Remix)"---Kanye West/Mos Def/Freeway/Harlem Boy's Choir
This has a whole different vibe than the original. Some of you will love it, some of you will hate it, and most of you simply won't give a damn either way.

Before I wrap up this edition of SOS, a word to all of the talented DJs, producers and beatsmiths who pass through here on a regular basis. I want to thank all of you for sending me your beats and remixes. My inbox has been flooded lately, so please don't be offended if you haven't heard back from me yet. I commit to you that I will listen to everything you send my way, but understand that time is often a factor. Most of you will hear back from me eventually, and I will be asking some of you for permission to post your work in future posts.

I'm still getting American Gangster remixes, which is a'ight as long as you're pretty damn sure that what you've got excuses the fact that you showed up so late for class. I've also been hearing from many other talented hopefuls in the form of MCs, graf writers, bands, vocalists, and transsexual trapeze artists. You never know---if your talent is convincing enough, I might just decide to write about how well you work the tightrope some day.

As always, holla at your friendly Scholar at the following address:

Meanwhile, if you haven't heard yet, there are some pretty big things goin' down over at the new beat battle blog, I Hook A Beat Up. Every Sunday a new track will be offered up for producers to use as a sample to flip for a beat. You have a week to turn in the dopest effort you possibly can, and the results will subsequently be posted and judged by a diverse panel of hip hop heads from various corners of the internets (visit the spot for a complete list). Submissions will be ranked and scored accordingly, and a public vote will be held each week as well.

All props due to What It Is from Tree Beats for getting this shit started and for inviting me to be one of the regular contributors of the sample sources. I'm planning to get pretty dusty diggin' up some good material, so make sure you get your collective ass over there and represent.

Stay up, fam...

Word From Your Moms:

Freedom's a road that's seldom traveled, watch hell unravel
Right before the eyes of the soldier who fell in battle
The single mother who raised her daughter to bear the sacred water
And not take the hand of every man who make a offer
To black kids wishin they white kids, when they close they eyelids
Like, "I bet they neighborhood ain't like this"
White kids wishin they black kids, and wanna talk like rappers
It's all backwards it's identity crisis
The industry inside us is vipers with fangs trying to bite us
Drug suppliers is the health care providers
We cakin, makin narcotics outta household products
We ain't workin out 'til we exorcise the demons that's inside us
Plus they seem to just provide us with enough rope to hang ourselves
Enough dope to slang ourselves, enough toast to bang ourselves
It's officially nigga season, these niggaz is bleedin
That's why I'm spittin freedom
We had enough of trigger squeezin

Talib Kweli (lyrics from "Hostile Gospel")


Dayday said...

Another great SOS post!
Love your blog man!

Everytime I stop by, there's some new music that makes my day! Thank you!

Btw. the J.C. Davis "A New Day" Is also sampled on Justin Timberlake's "Damn Girl", been lookin out for this sample for a minute!

Once again thanks, and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Hey just wanted to chime in - love, love, love this blog TONS! Thanks so much and please keep at it!!!

Anonymous said...

Another lesson learned.. thanks Scholar. you're incredible. by the way... if you don't mind too much. could you please post all the originals used on DJ Riz "Live From Brooklyn"? :)

zk said...

scholar, this blog is a pleasure to read, from the titles down to mama's words. i always look forward to "***Souled On" popping up in my rss reader (*** means "pay attn! this is guaranteed to be worth the visit!"). great stuff all around. i especially love these posts. thanks

Anonymous said...

i was checkin the blog every hours in the last days waitin for a souled on update!great post scholar

josb said...

Just a random addition, but I think Lupe ended up indirectly sampling that Jerry Butler joint, which was sampled by Stoupe for the intro track to the Jedi Mind Tricks "Legacy of Blood" album. It'd explain why Lupe called the track what he did...but hey, that's just speculation.

Anyway, I never get tired of these sample sources, keep 'em comin'.

josb said...

Also, here's another Stevie Wonder on Sesame Street street, where he's killing it Roger Troutman-style:

Just when ya thought Stevie couldn't get any cooler...

Lily Kane said...

I LOVE the Souled on Samples posts!!!!!! You put the rest of us to shame, Scholar. And I love your beat competition idea. I know some people who have been doing that kinda thing among friends cuz it's fun to hear how things turn out.... much love...

Anonymous said...

dear scholar, you are a laptop beat makers wet dream. i just wanted to say THANK YOU.

Anonymous said...

sick post. love the jazzy jeff/fresh prince love.

Anonymous said...

Hey Scholar... Of course, another tremendous selection! Keep on schoolin' 'em!

I posted the Hip Hop mix on Friday. Thanks once again for the support!

peace and blessings.

E-mile said...

Hi Scholar,
I visited you today for the first time (coming from a link by Vincent FuFuStew) and I must say:
KEEP (old)SKOOLING ME! Nice work and you do it well!
After reading here for hours I want to ask if it's OK by you if I'd link you in my little baby-blog?
Please visit & let me know if that's OK!
kind regards, E-mile

DL said...


I think the comment issue has been resolved: can you have a go and see what happens?



Mr. Papagiorgio said...

keep soul music alive, scholar!

Anonymous said...

Hey Scholar ~ Everything I know I learned on "the Street". Hooked on phonics can't touch this. Great post old school style.

Word from your mom's...Deep stuff.
A must read for all.

Keep it comin'.

Love ya,

Scholar said...

der don---Thanks for your kind words. I like when people add their knowledge into the mix...I always miss a few, and I didn't know about the JT track. I'm the only person in America who hasn't ever listened to a JT track from beginning to end, I think.

anon---Gratitude and peace.

tarteso---Wow...hopefully that's a request and not a terroristic threat, because I'm sorta terrible at requests. I'll see what I can do, though...

zk---I appreciate knowing that you wait for updates. It's easy to put off typing a post, but I'm motivated to do it for my regular readers like you. Thanks.

graz---How've you been, fam? Always think about you when I'm hooking up samples.

jos-b---Yo, I think you're right. That shit was actually drivin' me crazy. I knew that was a borrowed beat, but I couldn't think of what it was.

Lils---XO--miss you, girl. I still stop by SP all the time.

Actually, the beat battle was the brainchild of What It far it's been pretty interesting. Send your talented friends over there...the more beats the better.

weblunted---I know exactly what you mean, but that shit was hilarious. Ill beats, BTW.

mixtape monster---Great name. Thanks for passing through...

vincent---Still listening to that mix, family. Fufu mixes get played a lot around my house.

e-mile---Just sent you an e-mail.

Dan--damn I keep forgetting. I've been over there a few times this week, too...

mr papa---I really like your blog. Keep up the good work over there.

PK---I watched The Street, too, but I don't remember seein' Stevie. I like the long-haired kid that bangs his head.

XO girlie girl.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely love your blog, your taste, your style, and your soul. Definitely think that "Footprints" by A Tribe Called Quest is a weak track. Any time you sample Stevie you better do him justice.
-Barry Lird, the blacker Larry Bird

Anonymous said...

Nice Post!

Though, just to clarify...

"Pieces Of A Man" by Gil Scott-Heron was sampled on the Remix of "What A Nigga Know"...

The Original Version of "What A Niggy Know" samples... "Looking For A New Love" by Jody Watley and "Ecstasy" by The Ohio Players... To name a few.

Positive Energy Activates Constant Elevation, Rob.