Saturday, October 20, 2007

Souled On Samples XV

"The Magic Of Your Love" ---The Majestic Arrows (zShare)

"The Magic Of Your Love" ---The Majestic Arrows (savefile)

*Sampled on "The Show" by Madlib/Talib Kweli

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"Under The Street Lamp"---Joe Bataan (zShare)

"Under The Street Lamp"---Joe Bataan (savefile)

*Sampled on "Play Your Cards Right" by Common

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"Is It Because I'm Black?"---Syl Johnson (zShare)

"Is It Because I'm Black?"---Syl Johnson (savefile)

*Sampled on "Hollow Bones" by Wu-Tang Clan

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"My Song" ---Labi Siffre (zShare)

"My Song"---Labi Siffre (savefile)

*Sampled on "I Wonder" by Kanye West

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"Let The Dollar Circulate"---Billy Paul (zShare)

"Let The Dollar Circulate"---Billy Paul (savefile)

*Sampled on "Dollar" by Spacek, produced by J Dilla and "Dollars Circulate" by 9th Wonder

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"Holy Are You"---The Electric Prunes w/ David Axelrod (zShare)

"Holy Are You"---The Electric Prunes w/ David Axelrod (savefile)

*Sampled on "Loop Digga" by Quasimoto (Madlib) and "Respect Mine" by Fat Joe

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"You'd Better Believe It"---The Manhattans (zShare)

"You'd Better Believe It"---The Manhattans (savefile)

*Sampled on "Barbershop" by Ghostface Killah

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"Word Called Love"---Brian & Brenda Russell (zShare)

"Word Called Love"---Brian & Brenda Russell (savefile)

*Sampled on "Some People Hate" by Jay-Z

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"Mixed Up Cup"---Clyde McPhatter (zShare)

"Mixed Up Cup"---Clyde McPhatter (savefile)

*Sampled on "One Love" by Nas

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"Chippin"---Melvin Van Peebles (zShare)

"Chippin"---Melvin Van Peebles (savefile)

*Sampled on "Life Is..." by Quasimoto (Madlib)

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Supplemental Materials:

Nas' "One Love" video:

Labi Siffre performing live in 1972:

Lord Quas/Madlib's tribute to the history of hip hop-"Rappcats Pt. 3":

Bonus mp3s (zShare):

"The Show"---Madlib/Talib Kweli

"Play Your Cards Right"---Common/Bilal

"Thank You"---9th Wonder/D.O.X. & Dash
(A new joint from 9th Wonder's Dream Merchant 2, showcasing his ever-soulful production style)

"Dollar"---Spacek/J Dilla

For more sample goodness, check out some original song selections by Chris @ WYDU and Diddy Wah's feature on the soulful blues and gospel tunes that Moby borrowed for Play.

Word From Your Moms:

"For the introduction of a new kind of music must be shunned as imperiling the whole state; since styles of music are never disturbed without affecting the most important political institutions."---Plato


Anonymous said...

hot as always scholar!

Chris said...

great post,thanks for the shout, much appreciated and mad props for that Billy Paul sample, i always loved that dilla/spacek track.

Captain Panettone said...

Like Labi Siffre, this blog makes me smile a lot.

Anonymous said...

I just ordered a Joe Bataan CD thanks to your lead. Thanks for keeping me informed.

Anonymous said...

thank you a goldcoated handful for The Majestic Arrows track. the first moment "the show" came on i knew madlib had topped himself by making me long for that aaarghsome original.

have a great day/evening

best regards from ya mom :)

DL said...


Great shit as always. Could you do me a favour and update you blogroll to Thanks in advance.

Mulling over our possible collab, I'll hit you with an e0mail soon.



HSB DaveB. said...

Wow, I was wondering what that Kanye sample was. Only reason I dig that track is for that sample. Gonna check out some more Siffre stuff. Love that vid as well. Thanks so much!!!

Peace and SOUL,

Scholar said...

graz---Gratitude man. I'm still trying to figure out what that chopped bit of music you sent me comes from---I'll let you know.

Chris---You're welcome. I think I actually heard 9th Wonder's joint that flipped Paul's song first, but from what I've read, I guess they were working on their tracks at about the same time. They're both favorite producers of mine, but I think Dilla laced it just a little bit more to my liking. Glad you came through, cousin.

Paul---Thanks for your kindness. Readers who take a minute to say something make ME smile. Labi's a genius by the way.

anonymous Mom---Have you adopted me, because if so, that's cool. My real Moms isn't much of a soul fan (she knows who Diana Ross is---that's about the extent of it) and she HATES hip hop. She likes some slow jam/quiet storm R &B which I...don't. Glad you appreciated The Majestic Arrows track.

zzerda---Typo or speech impediment? Just kidding ;) You can't go wrong with the latin soul brother Joe Bataan---he has lots of good LPs.

Dan---We'll talk soon. I'm motivating myself to update the blogroll with a few additions/updates. I'll get it straight within the next few days, bro.

Dave---I love Siffre's music, too. His most oft-sampled tune is "I Got The Blues", but I was kinda proud of Kanye for digging a little deeper. Good to hear from you my man.

Anonymous said...

thank my mum loves that mixed up cup song

DJ SOUL said...

That's my rip of "Some People Hate" by Brian & Brenda... Damn, can at least I get a link?

Scholar said...

Anon---Clyde McPhatter is kinda mum-friendly to be honest.

DJ Soul---You could get a link, but I've never even been to your blog, bro. People send me sample tracks all of the time and I've gotten some songs over time from international forums and stuff. Apologies if you think that's your rip, though. The stuff I rip turns up on the internet all the time. Just comes with the territory I guess.

Anonymous said...

A million thx for you hard work. Been looking for some of these songs for ages. Especially under the street lamp.

Anonymous said...

This is real right here. I wish the younger generation would understand and actually look at what makes some of these songs so good today are actually very soulful artist that put a lot of spirit and meaning into thier craft. There are so many beat from 9th, J Dilla(R.I.P.) and Kanye that I had to start looking at where these samples came from. I will be adding a few CD's to my collection. This is where it's at. Keep up the good work. Thanks so much for this blog. I feel like a kid in a candy store.

Much Love

jermyces said...

really cool site!!! i telling the whole world about it. :)

Sucio Beats said...

Crazy..I had that majestic arrows song on the eccentric soul album..I actually sampled the track the same way madlib did.....

I honestly think my drums are a lot harder but...It's tough now that I know someone's used it the same way...I may just use it for a mixtape track or something...

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