Sunday, October 22, 2006

Steady Kickin' Styles So I Can Reach That Other Level

I'm planning for this post to be completely disorganized, but I want to get these links to you in plenty of time for these tracks to make it onto your mixtape for a Monday morning. Don't know about you, but I can't seem to get my mind right without some quality music in my life:

If you've been reading Souled On for a fortnight or two, then you already know how much I dig Vicki Anderson. At Funky 16 Corners, you can currently download her song "If You Can't Give Me What I Want (I Gotta Get It Some Other Place)". Like a typical stoner, I waited too long to post this link. Get it while you can...

Speaking of James Brown's Funky Divas, "It's Your Thing" by Marva Whitney and "Ain't No Sunshine" by Lyn Collins were recently posted at undercover. You will also find "Who's Making Love" by Lou Donaldson and Willie Mitchell's version of "Groovin'", both of which are available via this post.

Visit Freemotion to cop a few joints from Dj Dirty Harry's Nas mixtape, Living Legends Chapter 1. If that doesn't provide enough God's Son to get you through the day, don't forget that Rebel To America is the final authority on all things related to Nasir Jones.

Feel It is currently featuring "One Thing Leads To Another" by Betty Wright.

If you're interested in a blend of Jay-Z's "Show Me What You Got" that has some Kanye lyrics added into the mix, look no further than Discobelle to snag the mp3.

La case de l'affreux thom is currently featuring three fantastic soul tracks by Baby Washington---"It'll Never Be Over For Me", "I've Got A Feeling". and her version of "What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?".

Aretha Franklin's rendition of "The Weight" is available for download, courtesy of Some Velvet Blog.

Old school hip-hop fans can cop some 12" singles by EPMD (in mp3 format) by way of U Gotta Digg Dat.

The most recent Sample Wednesday at Palms Out Sounds featured original songs sampled in beats by Pete Rock. Yet another great post by my pal Haldan.

More sample madness can be had at a relatively new location---check out this is tomorrow to download tracks that your favorite hip-hop producers have used to lace their beats...

...And before we quit talking about tracks that have been revisited in hip-hop joints, you can currently acquire several songs sampled by Madlib and MF Doom at Feed Me Good Tunes.

Now that I'm thinking about Doom, I also wanted to mention that the bootleg compilation known as Doomilation is available in its entirety at captain's dead.

The Stepfather of Soul is currently featuring a classic tune by Koko Taylor---in more ways than one, "Yes It's Good For You".

Download "Lyrics to Go" by A Tribe Called Quest via the almighty gorilla vs. bear.

Download Slim Harpo's "I'm Gonna Miss You (Like The Devil)", courtesy of The "B" Side.

You can "evaluate" (as cautious bloggers like to call it) a couple of joints by Chicago MC Haiku at The Smudge of Ashen Fluff. Don't be the last to know...

A few classic grooves are available at acme. Download songs by Bobby Womack, The Persuaders, and Lee Fields.

Be sure to visit Motel de Moka to acquire tunes by The Supremes, Sun Ra, The Incredible Bongo Band, and more...

If you are, in any way, a fan of early gospel and blues stuff, make sure you get those two songs by Sister Gertrude Morgan at Lil Mike's Last Known Thoughts And Random Revelations. Like me, Sister Gertrude highly recommends taking Jesus with you everywhere that you go ;)

Today's "what the fuck?": The Boy Scouts of America is now offering merit badges to Scouts who "learn about the evils of downloading pirated movies and music". That's right...and as all conservative "thinkers" already know, it's only one small step from music piracy, down the slippery slope into ass piracy...

Which leads me to finish this post by expressing just how screwed up I think the world's morality is. None of the major religions in the universe seem very appealing at this particular point in time. Muslims, Jews, and Christians seem to secretly be working collectively to blow up the fucking universe. The most untainted house of worship I'm aware of is The Virtual Church of The Blind Chihuahua, but I think I'd be sort of embarrassed to be a card-carrying member.

Word From Your Moms:

"Lighthouses are more helpful than churches."---Benjamin Franklin


travis said...

Wow, I don't know where to start. Maybe if I hadn't done so much crack this morning, I would be a better person. And to just think, I was an alter boy before I started downloading music. Then my life went into a downward spiral. Horrible.

That actually sounds like something the mormons would do. I would so "don't mean to offend any of them", but we all know that they know the evils of downloading music as well, so they wouldn't be on this site anyway.

Anyway, thanks for that Pete Rock sample link. I love stuff like that, since it's kind of the aspect of hip hop I think I need to brush up on more. That site is pretty cool as well, I'm going to have to bootmark that one.

I even downloaded those MF Doom tracks, since there were a few tracks that I heard that were bangers and thats coming from a non Doom fan. I find most of his stuff pretty much garbage, although I am a HUGE fan of the first KMD album.

On to religion, I don't like any of them. It's a man made thing and like most man made things, there is always a self serving reason for them. It's the nature of man. That being said, I'm spirtual, but not religious.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go hold up a liquor store to help fuel my music piracy addiction

fresh said...

I had never seen it before, but "U Gotta Digg Dat" has a ton of great stuff on it. Damn, another blog I have to start checking for on the regular!

Anonymous said...

hello, i am an idiot. password to extract zip files from the "undercover" site???? anyone....???

Scholar said...

Travis---Nice, man. I think you should be doing even more to flex your writing skills at WYDU---seriously.

I'm never scared to piss off the Mormons---I've thrown a few cracks their way, and shown no love for their idiotic media mascot, Glenn Beck. I try to be tolerant of anyone/anything, but religious fanatics/conservatives of any sort pretty much annoy me. Live and let live---screw all these moral-majority, family values bitches who wanna tell the rest of us how to do it.

I couldn't agree with you more about religion, but I definitely like Doom more than you. I'll grant you that he was in top form during the days of KMD, but I still ain't mad at him. The fact that he won't drop the mask kinda gets on my nerves, but otherwise I think he's capable of being "more clever-er" than most MCs when he's in his zone.

I'm hoping when you robbed that liquor store, you lucked up on some cash for me, too. I should definitely get paid for fueling your music piracy addiction. I'm just one of many people you should steer clear of while trying to stay "on the wagon".

Fresh---Yes, I'm mutually diggin' U Gotta Digg Dat.

Anon---I'm trying to see what the problem is w/ the files at Undercover. I'll leave you a comment when I figure it out.

Thanks to all of you for takin' time to drop by

travis said...

I actually lived in Salt Lake City for three years while I went to the University of Utah. I hated that place with a passion. You would walk out of the liquor store with a warm 12 pack (they couldn't store it cold, I guess it was supposed to curb alcoholics if they didn't have cold beer) and people would look at you like you were satan himself sacraficing children.

I even bartended there the entire time I lived there. That was a joke. There were so many fucked up rules and laws that it was almost impossible to make money there.

Yup, that is one fucked up religion. I'm fine with what people want to believe, but don't push it on me. I could write a book on my three years there in that fucked up place. Bad thing is, I still have to go there every few months....evil place

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