Saturday, May 06, 2006

I Am That I Am

Sometimes when the sun is shining, and I'm kickin' back with a giant spliff, there's nothing better to throw into the mix than some good reggae music. I have a decent selection of reggae on vinyl, but suffice it to say that my Peter Tosh records have taken more than their fair share of abuse. Peter and I agree on a few important things, such as marijuana legalization and fighting governmental oppression, so it stands to reason that I developed an appreciation for his recordings at a relatively young age. Here is a diverse selection of linkage that will hopefully appeal to his fans, as well as those who are relatively unfamiliar with his work:
1) His song "Legalize It" is available for download at Mars Needs Guitars. There are also some other mp3s included in the post, by artists such as Dr. Israel, Musical Youth, and Sly & The Family Stone:
2) Some people don't realize that at one point in his career, Tosh was signed to a record label owned by The Rolling Stones. This video of Peter and Mick Jagger (performing a song called "Walk And Don't Look Back") is definitely sort of strange. Tosh's chilled out vibe provides quite an interesting contrast to Mick's dramatic flair and unabashedly dorky white boy dance maneuvers:
3) Download Tosh's song "Bush Doctor" at the following location:
4) Biographical information on Peter, courtesy of wacky Wikipedia:
5) This site has a couple of Tosh mp3s available for download---"Mama Africa" and "Johnny B. Goode". You may want to check this page regardless of your specific musical taste, as there are numerous songs available, representing a variety of different genres. Reggae fans may be interested in copping tracks by Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, UB40, Steel Pulse, and more:

Some great tracks have recently been posted at Words And Music. Download "Better Git It In Your Soul" by Charles Mingus, another live version of Aretha Franklin performing "Bridge Over Troubled Water", and "Spirit In The Dark" by Ray Charles:

While many of my people have heard of Jerome Brown, the athlete, only a handful are aware of the artist by the same name. The Jerome Brown I speak of is an incredibly talented dude who uses a variety of mediums to express his artistic vision. He's done semi-famous portraits/murals of Tupac, Aaliyah, Biggie, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Barry White, Miles Davis, Rick James, and many others. View his work and link to a brief biography here:

I know that all of you went out and actually purchased The Coup's Pick A Bigger Weapon LP. Just in case you're still waiting for your copy to arrive by the pony express (aka The U.S. Postal Service) or some shit, you can cop "Babylet'shaveababybeforebushdosomethin'crazy" at Fluxblog in the meantime:

Ear Farm is hosting three joints from the Digable Planets LP, Blowout Comb---"Jettin'", "Borough Check", and "Blowing Down": While we're reminiscin', here are a few more Digable links:
1) Video for "9th Wonder (Blackitolism)", another joint on Blowout Comb:
2) Live concert footage on YouTube from the band's performance at this year's Coachella:
3) Video for "Rebirth Of Slick (Cool Like Dat)":

Download a couple of soulful ballads by Bobby Bland at The Number One Songs In Heaven:

Remember Dr. Octagon---the Kool Keith/Automator/DJ Q-Bert/DJ Shadow project that was released about 10 years ago? If not, this should explain the basics:
Anyway, you may have heard that a new Dr. Octagon LP is scheduled to be released on June 27th, and will bear the not-so-clever title The Return Of Dr.Octagon.
You can download the new Dr. O joint "Trees" at Macktronic (along with King Geedorah, Del tha Funkee Homosapien, Madvillain, and Viktor Vaughn mp3s):
Additionally, several DJs will be releasing Dr. O mixes in honor of the project's return. Download DJ Mike Relm's "20 Minutes Of Return Of Dr. Octagon Megamix" at Gorilla vs. Bear:
I'm trying hard not to be pessimistic about the new album, but so far, I haven't heard anything as stellar as "Blue Flowers". Now that was an amazing track, accompanied by a completely drugged out video---watch it here:

Speaking of (Dan the) Automator, you can download songs from a couple of his other projects at Music Is Art---"Strangers On a Train" (from the Nathaniel Merriweather Lovage LP) and "I've Been Thinking" (Handsome Boy Modeling School w/ Cat Power):
And while we're also on subject of Kool Keith, Freemotion posted a song from his collaborative effort w/ TOMC3, called Project Polaroid. Download their track "Diamond District", as well as "More Soup" (Moka Only/MF Doom), "Hope" (Pete Philly/ Perquisite/ Talib Kweli), "Kick Push" (Lupe Fiasco), and "Home Sweet Home" (Smiff-n-Wesson):

Apparently, censorship is now affecting the babies, too. A 10-year-old girl has been forbidden by her school's principal to sing Pink's song "Dear Mr. President" at a talent show. What a wonderful way to educate our children--- discourage free thinking and the formation of values, opinions, and beliefs:

A few more songs by incredible female soul artists:
Download Betty Everett's song "My Love" at Tuwa's Shanty:
Download "I'll Cry" and "Satisfaction Guaranteed" by Judy White at Feel It. This post was my first exposure to her music, and I'm more than grateful for the introduction. Get familiar:

Cop "I've Been Waitin' On You" by Consequence (ft. John Legend and Miri-Ben Ari) at Notes From A Different Kitchen:

I've been listening to a lot of King Floyd lately. The "A" Side is currently featuring two of his songs. Go here to download "Can You Dig It?":, and here to download "Walkin' And Thinkin'":

At Feed Me Good Tunes, you can download Quasimoto's "Astronaut" and "Work In Progress" by Kev Brown:

Four live Soul Position (RJD2 + Blueprint) tracks are at So Much Silence (aired 5/3/06 on KEXP):

More live footage of Gnarls Barkley---this time performing "Just A Thought":
And for those of you who've loved Cee-Lo Green since the Goodie Mob days, here's the video for "Black Ice", featuring Outkast:

Download DJ Premier's classic remix of Biggie's "Machine Gun Funk" and "See More" by the Kool Rock Brothers at Moistworks:

Okay then...I'm the fuck up outta here for a minute...

End Quote: "To have the truth in your possession, you can be found guilty, sentenced to death."---Peter Tosh


Anonymous said...


That video with Tosh makes Jagger look like a candidate for the short bus.

It's gonna take a while to erase that from my head.

Hope your day of rest is just that.


Anonymous said...


A sweet Miles Davis -Coltrane video is on crooksandliars right not (a site you might enjoy anyway for their left leaning coverage)


Anonymous said...

thanks for the shout out to Mars Needs Guitars!

Scholar said...

Firpo---once again it seems that our political taste is in alignment. Crooks and Liars is one of my favorite political sites to visit.

Mick is pretty scary in that vid. I was afraid at one point that he was going to start viciously humping Peter's leg. Peter probably smoked a fat one before they started taping, so that may explain why he seemed relatively oblivious to Jagger's antics.

Peace--and as always, thanks for dropping some knowledge.

Merz---that was a great post. You earned the shout out, bro.

chrome said...

great post. been listening to sizzla for a minute but some tosh will do. and a spliff :) gotta say hi to my local pharmacist


Scholar said...

Obi---Seems like just about anything sounds better if a spliff is involved. I've never smoked one and listened to polka or opera, so I'm not sure what that would be like. Either way, tell your pharmacist that Scholar said hi, too ;)

...and thanks for the link, bro. Soul On Ice is truly dope.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for getting my back, money. "Paul" is just like the people he supports, dropping bombs from afar. I love it though, I wish I had 10 Pauls a day. Why have a blog if not to piss people off? I wanted to be more sarcastic toward him but I honestly didn't understand his point.

Thanks for paying attention though. You site looks great as usual. Be in touch.



Scholar said...

Havy---it's too bad that Paul is obviously too intellectually impaired to engage you in a decent debate. That could have been interesting. I still want to kick his ass, though.

I seriously owe you some e-mail. I'll get on that ASAP, bro...


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