Sunday, April 02, 2006

Back Like Deja Vu


There doesn't seem to be a more relevant artist to start with today than Ghostface Killah. Due to the recent release of his Fishscale LP, it seems as if all eyes are on Pretty Toney. Here are just a few of the sites that have featured Mr. Starks recently...

1) Neile's Life posted mp3s for "Shakey Dog", "Back Like That", "The Champ", and "Be Easy":
2) At, you can download "All That I Got Is You", "Wildflower", a live version of "Nutmeg", as well as some audio of Ghost politickin' with the crowd at one of his shows:
3) Download "Iron Maiden", "The Champ", and "Hide Ya Face" at So Much Silence:
4) O-Dub posted "The Champ" and "The Sun" over at Soul Sides:
5) "Jellyfish" and the classic Wu cut "Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours" are available at Disco-Not-Disco:
6) Finally, Am I High? has a joint from Ghost's side posse, Theodore Unit---"Work" (featuring Solomon Childs). While you're there, you might also want to check out "Bankhead" (T.I. w/ P$C & Young Dro) and "The Hiznit" (Hittman w/ Dr. Dre):

I know for a fact that this list isn't completely exhaustive, so if you have a link you want to share, drop some knowledge in the comments section...

I also have a few things lined up for my people who don't appreciate Toney as much as I do:

Stylus Magazine recently posted a few hip-hop mp3s, but the article that Dave Pullan wrote to accompany these joints is so fuckin' offensive it's unbelievable. I'll let you read his words for yourself, but be forewarned---his perception of hip-hop is highly uneducated...and well...racist. If you agree, please take a moment to school this "brotha" (using this term rather loosely) on a thing or two. The tracks that are up for download are Common's "The Light", "100% Dundee" by The Roots, and "He Comes" by De La Soul (featuring verses guessed it...Ghostface). Whether or not you should download these joints after reading Pullan's commentary is between you and your Jesus:

Carlos Mencia did a parody of "Gold Digger" with Aries Spears, taking some serious jabs at Mr. Kanye West. I won't front. I dig a lot of Kanye's music, but some of his more annoying traits as a human being make him vulnerable to criticism and satire. Peep the video at Nah Right:

Freemotion continues to serve up some of the finest tracks on the internets. Their latest post included "Revolution (Part 1 & 2)" by Nina Simone, as well as tracks by Lady Sovereign, Yap Zeeland, and Cool Calm Pete:

In addition to the illness I already mentioned, Am I High? also posted "On My Shit" by The Clipse. Everybody scream FIRE!!! :

Speaking of The Clipse, download that crack they call "Me Too" (feat. Pharrell) at Gorilla vs. Bear. I'm definitely hooked on the shit, and the addiction's so strong that I'm planning to go through my Aunt Bessie's drawer when she ain't lookin'. Also included in the post are two other dope joints---"Angeles" (Ghostface and MF Doom) and "Seeing Thangs" (David Banner, produced by DJ Shadow):

My homie T. Havas got all homocidal and shit, and ended up killing Treat Williams. Hopefully my readership is savvy enough to realize I mean the blog, and not the actor. Anyway, Havy's back in full effect with a new site, A Three Minute Record. He's already posted some great music to get his party started right...cop joints by De La Soul, D-Stroy, D Flow, and Doug E. Fresh:

One of my favorite soul songs ever is Curtis Mayfield's "Blue Monday People". Download it at Koopa's Hideaway and thank me later. Also not to be missed is B.B. King's "Chains and Things", a classic song that was sampled on RZA's "Can't Lose" and "A Bird in the Hand" by Ice Cube:

While we're talkin' samples, Palms Out Sounds posted a variety of quality songs for this week's Sample Wednesday: Additionally, Remix Sunday blessed us with alternate versions of songs by Ghostface (who's evidently more popular than Jesus right about now), Lord Finesse & Big L, and many more: Some of you may be wondering why I link Palms Out so often. If these guys ever quit bringin' the heat, I promise not to mention them in my posts anymore, but the consistent quality of their selections is virtually unparalleled in the audio blog universe. Blame them, not me...

Before I end the discussion on hip-hop samples, I wanted to mention that Yusef Lateef''s incredible song "Eastern Market" is heavily sampled on MF Doom's "Who You Think I Am?". You can pick up both joints, as well as Lateef''s equally stellar track, "Bishop School" at Twelve By Twelve: Diamond D, Kool G Rap, Cormega, and numerous other artists have also sampled Lateef''s work...time to get familiar.

Many thanks to another fine mp3 blog, 2 Minutes of Bliss 2, for linking Souled On:

The blog formerly known as Cowabunga has since become Funkaholics. Go peep the fresh design, as well as mp3s by Common and Da King and I:

At Thee Review you can download "The Renaissance" by Black Market Militia (w/ R.A. the Rugged Man):

A Best Truth has an interesting mix of mp3s to choose from---"The Fat Albert Theme", "You've Really Got A Hold On Me" (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles), "You Sexy Thing" (Hot Chocolate), and a plethora of other odds and ends:

Whether or not you guessed it, I fucks wit Jimi Hendrix. Cop "Who Knows?" (from his Band Of Gypsys LP) at Aquarium Drunk:

This joint ain't the freshest, but whenever it starts getting warm outside, I find myself reachin' for my copy of 8Ball & M.J.G.'s "Just Like Candy". Download the mp3 at We Eat So Many Shrimp: For all the babies and bad-ass toddlers who won't recognize, Cameo's song "Candy" provided the foundation for this track.

Fans of Bay Area hip-hop may want to download Mavrik's "Walk Around It" at MP3 4U: Or not...what the hell do I know?

Lots of good things have been going on at Dilated Choonz. "You're All I Need" by Mary J Blige and Method Man is available in mp3 format:
Another song that the duo performed together, "Love At First Sight" can be downloaded on this page:
Additionally, check out "Thoughts of Old Flames" by Pleasure:
and Madlib's remix of "The Things You Do" by J-88:
Is it necessary to point out that the Choonz have been killin' it lately?

MP3 Enema (umm...whoa) posted Prince's "Lolita", a track from his 3121 LP: It's okay to love the song, but please don't put it in your ass.

Hit The Rap Up to download joints by The Game ("Walk Wit Me") and Pimp C ("Pouring Up"):


The artist of the day is Safori. Some of the common themes that he explores are African culture, jazz music, and eroticism. If I continue on in this manner, I will feel as though I'm doing a book report, so excuse me while I shut the fuck up now:


Damn---and I thought Republicans were incapable of being wrong. At least that's what they tried to make us all believe. Regardless, Condi's admission that we've made some "tactical errors" surrounding the war in Iraq is possibly the best evidence I've seen that the world soon will end:

Check this audio/video of Noam Chomsky talking about his book Failed States: The Abuse of Power and the Assault on Democracy: Pay attention to what this dude says---he's probably way smarter than you...


Let's finish things off with video footage of one of the greatest comedians in the history of humor. Peep this interview with Richard Pryor (R.I.P.) that took place on the set for the movie Stir Crazy. He's high as hell up in that muthafucka, but that doesn't stop him from making incredibly profound statements, such as "Charlie Chaplin's dead...and fuck it". He also gives props to Gene Wilder for getting him some female attention. Pryor contends that Wilder had mad skills when it came to attracting "pussy and some pretty white boys". Who knew?:

"I ain't no movie star, man. I'm a booty star."---Richard Pryor

"That's all for now, bitches."---Scholar

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